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April 19, 2009
School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi

Students of the Amrita School of Arts and Sciences in Kochi participated in their hundreds in the just concluded 2-day Brahmasthanam program. They helped control the crowd, served water, served food, washed dishes, chopped vegetables, cleaned the grounds and helped setup for mass pujas. Alongside them, were hundreds more, from the Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy, also helping and serving. These students came from Amrita’s health-care campus, located just a few minutes away.

Amrita Students Serving at Kochi Brahmasthanam Program

“Every year, since the inception of this school, our students have participated in Amma’s annual programs with great enthusiasm,” stated Dean Dr. Krishnakumar of the School of Arts and Sciences. “We are indeed fortunate to be located on the same premises as the temple.” Amrita Vidyalayam is on that same campus also; their students were also on hand, volunteering and participating. Students of both the Vidyalayam and the institution put forth spectacular performances on both days while Amma gave darshan into the wee hours of the night.

This past month, Amma had visited Mysore and Bangalore; 2-day Brahmasthanam programs were organized in both cities. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham students studying in these cities had similarly participated in great numbers. “Every year we look forward to Amma coming,” shared Kinnary N, in Mysore. Kinnary, a final year B Tech student at the Amrita School of Engineering in Bangalore was working in Mysore to complete her project at Infosys. She helped pack unniappams before going for darshan. “I feel sad that I will miss Amma in Bangalore this year,” she added.

Amrita students serving in Bangalore Brahmasthanam Program

Kinnary’s juniors, over a thousand engineering students, however were able to participate. “This is a chance to do something different from our daily college routine,” said Sriharikrishna, a first-year student of ECE. He, along with classmates, Sowjanya, Dhaarunika, Lakshmi and Sruthi, had a seva shift on the morning of the first day. Participation was mandatory only for first-year students; nevertheless students from all years took part in great numbers. “Students seemed to be everywhere, doing everything,” stated an international visitor on tour, echoing the sentiments of many.

At Mysore, about fifteen boys studying for their B Ed degrees at the School of Education had performed a traditional folk dance while Amma was giving darshan. Students of engineering in Bangalore performed the Ram Leela, again while Amma gave darshan. Devotees watched these and several other performances by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham students. In both cities, students of Amrita Vidyalayam had also performed. “Our children have the chance to participate in Amma’s programs in so many ways,” said Dr. Krishnakumar. “These opportunities to interact with their Chancellor are very valuable; they undoubtedly make a deep impression in their young minds.”

Amrita students performing for their Chancellor

On her previous tour, before Amma had visited Mysore and Bangalore, she had conducted programs at Mananthavady, a remote but beautiful place in North Kerala. “When some students expressed their desire to participate in this program, I immediately gave permission and made the arrangements,” said Dr. Krishnakumar. Nearly a hundred students made the eight-hour trip up the hills to the beautiful countryside, lush with coffee plantations. They traveled with Amma and received lunch prasad from her, enroute. They stayed for two days at the program site and served. “All over the world these days, big crowds gather wherever Amma goes. How fortunate are we, that we get innumerable chances to participate in Amma’s programs!” he added.

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