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TESLA 2010 Honors Nobel Prize Winners

March 9, 2010 - 6:00

June 7, 2010
School of Engineering, Coimbatore
TESLA 2010Creating History, C6H6, a student club on Coimbatore campus, organized TESLA 2010, an exhibition in honor of Nobel Prize winners.

Exhibits included models, both static and working, and presentations on Nobel laureates and their award winning work.

Sushanth Balaji, first-year student of EEE, and a member of the club, prepared the report below.

A great event it was, when the Einsteins and the Edisons of Amrita came together to recreate history.

TESLA 2010 organized by C6H6 led by Suggu Santosh Kumar (fourth year Mech) and Priyanka (fourth year ECE) was a great tribute to the brightest minds on earth, the Nobel Laureates.
TESLA 2010Students came in large numbers to the science exhibition that was not only informative and inspirational, but entertaining, as well. The coordinators did a great job, keeping the visitors enthralled. The Dean’s visit to the exhibition was an honor to the C6H6 family.

The focus of the exhibition was showcasing the achievements and contributions of the Nobel Laureates in the past decade. Posters, banners and flexes depicting these eminent scientists, economists and humanitarians were on display throughout.
Exhibits also included a miniature model of CERN-the world’s largest laboratory, a working model of a hydroelectric power plant and other incredibly creative contraptions.

Brain teasers such as the Rubik’s cube helped lighten moments for all.

The dancing robot-’Hexapod’ was a star attraction.

The method of reduce, reuse and recycle was demonstrated effectively by having decorations made purely from waste materials such as empty fruit juice cartons, ice cream sticks, etc.
TESLA 2010
A skit on ‘Saving the Earth’ was presented. In keeping with the theme ‘GO GREEN’ a huge carbon-dioxide bomb look-alike was placed at the entrance, seeking to remind all of the exploding carbon-dioxide levels in the atmosphere and the imminent danger to mankind.

Attractive C6H6 designer t-shirts and kurtis were up for sale. The exhibition also tingled the taste buds of the visitors with delicious, mouth watering snacks at the food stalls.
TESLA 2010
To make TESLA 2010 a unique and unforgettable experience for the 800+ people who visited, their faces were adorned with colors and they also had the opportunity of leaving their imprints on the image of a tree, with natural paints.

The enthusiastic and appreciative audience was effusive in its praise of the student effort put in. Members of faculty applauded the exhibits and involved themselves in the events with great zest and energy.

TESLA 2010
All in all, TESLA 2010 was a matter of pride for everyone who participated, visited and those who worked tirelessly to make this event a visual treat and the grand success that it was.

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