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Whole Person’s Care – The Role of Integrative Medicine

April 25, 2016 - 1:49
Whole Person’s Care – The Role of Integrative Medicine

Dr. Arti Prasad, Chief Division of General Internal Medicine, Chief, Section of Integrative Medicine, Founding Executive Director of UNM Centre for Life UNM HSC Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, gave a class on “Whole Person’s Care – The Role of Integrative Medicine” at Amrita School of Ayurveda

During his presentation, Dr. Prasad discussed a number of issues in the health care field  He mentioned that  sophisticated healing traditions of health and well being have evolved from early times in the eastern part of the world. Disease management has been well developed in the United States. Until recently the health care system focused on disease management covered by Insurance rather than prevention and health promotion. The cost of health care is exorbitant in the west and many people are not able to afford health care. In order to respond to this health care crisis, many academic health centers have started programs in ‘Integrative Medicine’ to provide guidance to consumers and the government. 

The technical host at Amritapuri Campus was Dr. Rabinarayan Tripathi. Vice-Principal, Amrita School of Ayurveda. Medical Director, Principal, Vice-Principal, Faculty members, internees and PG scholars of the Amrita School Ayurveda attended the class run by Dr. Arti Prasad and decided to cooperate with all the activities of this mission. The session started with welcome address and concluded by a vote of thanks by the Vice-Principal.

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