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Workshop on Amrita Olabs at Aarohan’15- Annual Science Fest at Bengaluru Campus

January 21, 2016 - 11:36
Workshop on Amrita Olabs at Aarohan’15- Annual Science Fest at Bengaluru Campus

A workshop for the Amrita Olabs (Online Labs) was held at Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru as part of the Annual Science Fest, Aarohan’15, on 5th and 6th November 2015. The program, which was organized to foster a bond between an institution of higher education and schools, witnessed  participation from 25 schools and PU (Pre-university) colleges with a total of 823 students on the first day and 580 students on the second day.

The workshop on Amrita Olabs was held on the first day. Thirty eight teachers from different schools across Bangalore participated in the workshop. The workshop was divided into two sessions, the first one for the students and a second one for the teachers.

The first session started with a brief introduction about Olabs given by Suresh D., Amrita CREATE team member. He explained experiments such as ‘Force required to move a wooden block’ and ‘Bell Jar Experiment’. The students were captivated by the fascinating world of Olabs. In the second session, Rathnam, Project Coordinator, Amrita Olabs, explained the benefits and advantages of including Olabs in the present day science curriculum.

The workshop greatly interested the participants, evoked their curiosity and made them aware of the benefits of incorporating this educational tool in mainstream education. The response received from the participants after the workshop resounded with enthusiasm and appreciation for Olabs.

“The concept OLabs’ is highly commendable. The lab develops a learning environment for students that keep them stress free and make learning process more enjoyable and entertaining”. Tanuja Iyer, Treamis World School.

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