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From the crust to core of neutron stars on a microscopic basis

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Phys. Atom. Nucl

Source : Phys. Atom. Nucl. 77, 1157 (2014)

Url :

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Physical Sciences

Year : 2014

Abstract : Within a microscopic approach the structure of Neutron Stars is usually studied by modelling the homogeneous nuclear matter of the core by a suitable Equation of State, based on a many-body theory, and the crust by a functional based on a more phenomenological approach. We present the first calculation of Neutron Star overall structure by adopting for the core an Equation of State derived from the Brueckner-Hartree-Fock theory and for the crust, including the pasta phase, an Energy Density Functional based on the same Equation of State, and which is able to describe accurately the binding energy of nuclei throughout the mass table. Comparison with other approaches is discussed. The relevance of the crust Equation of state for the Neutron Star radius is particularly emphasised.

Cite this Research Publication : "From the crust to core of neutron stars on a microscopic basis", M. Baldo, G. F. Burgio, M. Centelles, B. K. Sharma, and X. Viñas, Phys. Atom. Nucl. 77, 1157 (2014).

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