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Inverse Kinematics of Robot Manipulator Integrated with Image Processing Algorithms

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : Springer, Singapore

Url :

Keywords : Hazmat sign detection, Motion detection, QR detection, SAR, Robot operating system (ROS), Open CV, Inverse kinematics, MATLAB

School : School of Engineering

Center : Humanitarian Technology (HuT) Labs

Year : 2022

Abstract : Computer vision has many applications in various fields, such as remote sensing, face detection, and fingerprint detection. In this paper, various algorithms for motion detection, hazmat detection, and QR code detection are presented. These algorithms are implemented in OpenCV which are ROS-integrated. A camera is set up on a robot with a 5 degrees of freedom (DOF) manipulator. This robot is sent to remote locations and can gather information about the environment. This information can be the type of hazmat detected, the coordinates of the hazmat signs, etc. An inverse kinematic model of the arm is presented. A simulation of the arm configurations based on the coordinates obtained from the camera has been done using MATLAB.

Cite this Research Publication : Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Santosh Tantravahi, Hemanth Sai Surya Kumar Tammana, Nagasai Thokala, Hari Sudarshan Rahul Puram, Naveen Samudrala, Chennareddy Pavanth Kumar Reddy "Inverse Kinematics of Robot Manipulator Integrated with Image Processing Algorithms" 2022

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