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Vehicle Parking Mechanism using C.G Point Concept

Publication Type : Conference Proceedings

Publisher : Indian Technology Congress (ITC 2014), Bangalore

Source : Indian Technology Congress (ITC 2014), Bangalore (2014)

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Department : Mechanical Engineering

Year : 2014

Abstract : Parking of vehicles usually needs some extra effort and space. It gives more uncomfortable feel to the person who drives the vehicle. If it is a dense condition the vehicle maneuvering is worse. For the physically challenged people the vehicle parking process is still convoluted. Our current proposal is going to minimize these difficulties and make these hard situations into ease. The proposed mechanism comprises of a gear and lifting arrangement, sensors, control switches and cam. The mechanism will work based on the Centre of Gravity (CG) of the vehicle. Using these mechanism human efforts can be minimized. A switch is placed in the driver’s access area, to lift the vehicle as per the required height. Initially, before lifting the vehicle to the required height, the CG point of the current weight has to be determined. Once the driver operates the switch, lift mechanism will extend out and use ground as a support to lift the vehicle. After the vehicle is lifted from the ground the whole base of the vehicle will be attached to the electronic weighing gauge. Once weight is determined by the weighing gauge the value will be given as the input to the control system to calculate the current CG position of the vehicle. The circuit will verify the coincidence of the neutral axis of lifting mechanism and neutral axis of the gear arrangement (Vehicle CG point). If there is a misalignment, the cam mechanism is provided to align both of them (lifting mechanism and gear arrangement). At this stage the vehicle is brought into the stable position and the signal is given to the driver. Once signal is intimated, driver is allowed to lift the vehicle to the required height and he can rotate the vehicle using the control stick provided. Also the base of the jack is provided with wheel arrangement, so that the vehicle can be moved when it is in lifted position. By implementing this stringent condition will be made simpler. This paper thoroughly discusses the possibility of CG point parking mechanism implementation in vehicles. This study concludes the effectiveness of this mechanism during parking of the vehicles

Cite this Research Publication : Sivanesan Murugesan, Prem Kumar P. S., Padmanaban G, Karthick M, and Vasantharaj C., “Vehicle Parking Mechanism using C.G Point Concept”, Indian Technology Congress (ITC 2014), Bangalore. 2014.

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