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Dispersion characteristics of curved microstrip transmission lines

Authors : J.S. Roy, A. Mukherjee, D.R. Poddar, S.K. Choudhury

Publisher :IEEE

Biotechnical potential of natural products (Invited Speaker)

Authors : Asoke Banerji

Publisher :Seaweed research and utilization meeting, Presidency College

Knowledge Representation: A Fuzzy Approach

Authors : Joemon M. Jose,, . M. R. Kaimal,

Publisher :2nd Kerala Science Congress

A Dynamic Hashing Scheme Achieving One access Retrieval and Insertion

Authors : M. R. Kaimal, A. P. Korah,

Publisher :Proceedings of the Second Kerala Science Congress,

Globally Balancing of Binary Search Tree – A Recursive Algorithm

Authors : M. R. Kaimal, , A. P. Korah,

Publisher :In: Compute Systems and Applications Recent Trends, Tata McGraw Hill (pub)

Two Dimensional Large Amplitude Quasi Solitons in Thin Helium Films

Authors : Sreekumar, J, Dr. V . M. Nandakumaran

Publisher :World Scientific

Toxicity of capillin, the insecticidal principle of Artemisia nilagirica Clarke.

Authors : Asoke Banerji, Luthria, DL, Kokate, SD

Publisher :Indian journal of experimental biology

Total hemolytic complement (CH50) and its fractions (C3 and C4) in the sera of patients with premalignant and malignant lesions of the oral cavity.

Authors : Dr. Damodaran Vasudevan, Rajendran, R, Remani, P., Vijayakumar, T

Publisher :Annals of dentistry

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