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Characterization of Surface and Groundwater During a Natural Disaster

Start Date: Friday, Aug 31,2018

School: Department of Social Work

Thematic Area: Water & Sanitation

Project Incharge:Dr. Geena Prasad, Dr. Sanjay Pal
Project Incharge:Anjisha M, Steni Elizabeth Abraham, and Subitha Dominic C
Characterization of Surface and Groundwater During a Natural Disaster

Thematic Area: Water & Sanitation

Project Guides: Ms. Geena Prasad, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Dr. Sanjay Pal, School of Biotechnology

International Partner: Jewel Yoko Kentilitisca, University of New Mexico, U.S.

Amrita Partner: Anjisha M, Steni Elizabeth Abraham, and Subitha Dominic C., Department of Social Work

Village: Kainakary, Kerala

Project Duration: 5 months

Identified Challenge & Aim:

Access to clean drinking water is greatly hindered during any natural disaster, with the quality of the water being an additional concern. This project seeks to understand challenges faced by rural residents prior to and during a disaster scenario in terms of access to clean water resources, filtration practices, and possible sources of contamination. The project also seeks to characterize specific factors of drinking water sources and analyze its effect on the quality of water.

The Study/Innovation:

The team spoke to women’s self-help groups (SHGs), interacted with community members during medical camps, and implemented a study on drinking water habits. Prior to characterizing drinking water resources, physicochemical parameters were also tested in order to measure the chemical content within drinking water supplies and determine its quality for human consumption.

Water samples were obtained from the Aluva Water Treatment Center and rural community water drinking sources in the Palluruthy district. A bioassay was also conducted using C. elegans as a model organism to test the toxicity of chlorination within drinking water resources. To fully understand factors contributing to the constitution of drinking water in the villages, many environmental influences, such as floods, may be conducive these characteristics and requires further research.

Addresses Sustainable Development Goals:

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