• Flavanoids like naringin and naringenin are functional chemicals with important properties in the field of health care, cosmetics, food and agriculture. Naringin composed of aglycon naringenin and the disaccharide neohespiridose, is the principle bitter flavanone glycoside and the primary bitter component in citrus fruits. Enzymatic hydrolysis is a possibility to overcome the bitterness. This study aimed to isolate Aspergillus sp.

  • The microorganisms in biofilms live in a self-produced matrix of hydrated extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) that mainly comprises of polysaccharides, proteins, nucleic acids and lipids and provide mechanical stability to the biofilms by mediating their adhesion to surfaces and forming a cohesive, three-dimensional polymer network that interconnects and transiently immobilizes biofilm cellsThe mainaim of this study was to analyse the potential use of fungal enzymes like polysaccharidase

  • Probiotics has paved a new revolution in the field of medical and food sciences. We surveyed the literature on different aspects of probiotics. We explored the potential of different probiotics to control gut infection, combat malnutrition, prospects of personalization in view of the differential effects of probiotics on patients of different genetic make-up.

  • Chitosan is a natural based biopolymer, obtained by alkaline deacetylation of chitin, which presents excellent biological properties such as biodegradability and immunological, antibacterial and wound-healing activity. Recently, there has been a growing interest in the chemical modifification of chitosan in order to improve its solubility and widen its applications. The amino group of chitosan has been modified to assess its anti-microbial activity.

  • Composting is an aerobic microbiological process facilitated by diverse microbial groups supplementing significant fertilizer quality to soil. Our current society is faced with the problem of managing growing quantities of organic municipal waste. In order to increase the biodegradative rates and lower the emission of noxious gases, introduction of lignocelluloytic fungi and diazotropic microbes was found to be beneficial.

  • Characterization of Fibronectin isoforms and proteolytic fragments affecting cell behaviour (cell morphology, migration, proliferation)

    Factors affecting gelatinase (MMP-2) mediated fragmentation of fibronectin

  • Biosurfactants are microbial metabolites with the typical amphiphilic structure of a surfactant, where the hydrophobic moiety is either a long-chain fatty acid, hydroxyl fatty acid, or α-alkyl-β-hydroxy fatty acid and the hydrophilic moiety can be a carbohydrate, an amino acid, a cyclic peptide, a phosphate, a carboxylic acid, or alcohol, among others.

  • Fibronectin is one of the extraceullar proteins in vertebrates generated by alternative splicing, with twenty more possible isoforms. This project involves a survey of current fibronectin literature, followed by an account of our experiments to purify fibronectin from plasma using gelatin affinity chromatography.

  • The increasing occurrence of multi drug resistant pathogenic bacterial strains has gradually rendered traditional antimicrobial treatment ineffective. Today a global concern has emerged that we are entering a post antibiotic era with a reduced capability to combat microbes, and hence the development of novel therapeutic approaches to the treatment of bacterial infections constitute a focal point of modern research.

  • Compostable materials normally contain different types of bacteria, fungi, molds and other living organisms. Five samples from different regions were collected. Mixed colonies were obtained while isolated from the samples. 13 microbial colonies showed abundant growth and studied them further through staining and biochemical tests. Consortia were prepared to get a better understanding of the activity of the organisms.

  • In recent times, the search for potent antibacterial agents has been shifted to plants. Most plants are medicinally useful in treating disease in the body and in most cases, the antimicrobial efficacy value attributed to some plants is beyond belief.

  • From million doses of annual antibiotics consumption goes waste as these could not be utilized or targeted to the infective organisms effectively due to various factors like efficient absorption, transportation to the target site, retention time, operation of efflux pump, metabolism etc. Thus, large portions of the drugs we apply are wasted and only a miniscule percentage is being targeted to the infective microbes.

  • Microbial infections are one of the major causes of death and disease in today’s world. This has led to the use of a variety of antiseptics, disinfectants and toiletries that are antimicrobial. Yet, at times they prove either not to be 100% effective or to be toxic to humans. It is seen that most of synthetic and natural products, used as antimicrobial contain phenolic compounds as their active ingredient.

  • This study provided a direct illustration that electrical power can be generated economically in a three chambered microbial fuel cell. Under the anaerobic condition at the anode, the electrons released by the organism were directed towards the cathodic chamber through an external circuit. To ensure the anaerobic condition the middle chaber is supplied with an organism which can scavenge the oxygen released from the anodic chamber.

  • The increasing occurrence of multiresistant pathogenic bacterial strains has gradually rendered traditional antimicrobial treatment ineffective. Quorum sensing, which is ubiquitous in bacteria, is the cell density dependent expression of species in bacteria mediated by hormone like compounds called autoinducers. Quorum quenching, which is the ability to disrupt quorum sensing, has a great therapeutic potential.

  • Acne vulgaris is a multifactorial disease affecting the pilosebaceous follicle characterized by comedones, papules, pustules, nodules and scars. Microorganism was isolated from facial swabs and the colonies developed on the plates were S.epidermidis. Biochemical tests carried out to confirm theorganism. Various topical agents were screened for efficiency to inhibition through disc and well diffusions. Clidamycin, Himalaya and lime gave positive for antibacterial activity.

  • Antimicrobial Activity of Selected Plant Extracts on Multi Drug Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus- B.Sc. Research Initiative Towards Excellence

  • Aeruginosa is an organism of interest for present day scientisys as it has evolved as a multidrug resistant organism and displays high environmental adaptability. Plant extracts play an essential role in treating various diseases. The threats in drug resistant pathogenic microbial stains can be prevented by the un-tapped medicinal principles from plants. Since P.aeruginosa is a multidrug resistant organism, it is important to develop new drugs to prevent its infections.

  • It is well known that spices increases the nutritional value of food. In this study five different essential oils from spices such as Cardamom ,Clove, Garlic, Ginger and Cinnamon were test against E.coli. It was observed that Cardamom and Cinnamon shows highest activity. Ginger and Garlic oil showed no activity against the organism. Synergistic action of Cinnamon with Cardamom and ginger were also observed.

  • Image enhancement can be achieve better performance by using partial differential equation (i.e.) Perona-Malik model and Heat equation than using different conventional filters. However traditional Perona-Malik model gives some artifacts and introduce staircase effect on the resultant image. The proposed method variation of Perona-Malik Model introduces edge indicator as they preserve the edges and smoothens the image.

  • A low cost and high radiation efficiency antenna structure, Substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) is designed for Space Applications at 5.8 GHz.

  • Driver inattention is a major contribution to highway crashes. The NH Traffic Safety Administration estimates that at least 25% of crashes involve some form of driver inattention. Distraction occurs when a driver is delayed in the recognition of information needed to safely accomplish the driving task.

  • This project aims to propose a method for improve the embedding efficiency of a grayscale cover image for image steganography. Linear coding (matrix embedding) method is used for embedding the message in the cover image so that the capacity of the cover image is utilised efficiently.

  • Traffic Sign recognition systems are used for increasing the road traffic safety by helping drivers gain better awareness of the road and its potential hazards, which automatically alerts and informs the driver about the nearby traffic signs on the roads. In this paper, a real time sign detection and recognition system is proposed for Indian traffic signs.

  • Enteric bacteria found in sewage water cause many diseases throughout the world. Through our project, we proposed a recombinant DNA method as a solution to this problem. Many of the commonly found sewage pathogens can be degraded by autolysin/cell wall hydrolases such as amidase and glucosaminidase. The Atl is the most predominant autolysin/peptidoglycan hydrolase in staphylococci.

  • Around view system is a system which enables the driver to see surrounding around the vehicle in such a way that it is being viewed from the top. Cameras placed around the vehicle capture images at an angle with respect to the ground normal. If the angle were parallel to the ground normal then the captured images look like being taken from the top.

  • This work focuses on enhancing the visual quality of medical images obtained using X-Ray, MRI and CT modalities through edge preserving image fusion techniques. This would be helpful for doctors in analysis and treatment planning, as it provides a better visualization of the images under consideration.  

  • Massive MIMO facilitates the potential drive behind the next generation communication systems, the most awaiting 5G technology.

  • Conventional methods for context based image retrieval include metadata-based and keyword-based approaches. Here, a simple and straightforward object based approach for retrieval of images is proposed. The features of the object under consideration, whose context need to be determined are stored beforehand in the system. When the query image containing the object is sent to the system, it detects the position of the object in the given image using Haar cascade classifier.

  • Repetitive patterns are present in various structures and shapes of the world at many different scales and forms. In man-made environments, structures with repetitive patterns or elements are often employed as they are aesthetically pleasing.Detection of such repetitive structures can help in applications such as image retrieval, image inpainting,3D reconstruction.

  • The proposed work aims to detect the suspicious activity detection in an examination hall. The system framework consists of three parts to monitor the student activity during examination. Firstly, the face region of the students is detected and their orientation is monitored using Haar feature Extraction.

  • The eminence of any machine learning algorithm applied for a computer vision task depends on the representations engineered from image, it's premise that different representations can interweave and ensnare most of the elucidative genes that are responsible for variations in images ,be it rigid, affine or projective. For this reason ,most of vision tasks commend extensive attention and effort to design image pre-processing and feature extracting channels.

  • The proposed system is based on Differential Evolution based Algorithm portfolios to automatically register medical images which is designed, implemented and tested through a set of 3D brain images. Image Registration is performed by searching the best affine transformation in terms of maximization of the mutual information between the first image and the transformation of the second one, and no control points are needed in this approach

  • Anxiety is an emotional disorder which can cause fear, nervousness and worry in individuals. In this work, we explored the development of an anxiety detection (AnD) system using the respiratory signal as its input.

  • The aim of this project is to segment an object from a texture cluttered image. The segmentation is achieved by extracting local information of image and embedding it with active contour model based on region. Images with in-homogenous intensity can be segmented using this model by extracting the local information of image

  • In this paper, a system for automobiles to analyze and assess the cause for an accident and to report the same to the department concerned has been proposed. The main motive of this system is to ensure that insurance can be claimed. When accident occurs, face of the person in the vehicle hit, has two views namely frontal view and profile view.

  • The goal of this project is to develop an automatic aid to assist and benefit elderly individuals who find the library cataloguing system confusing and individuals with impaired vision. This tool will assist them in an environment such as a library, a book store or even access a bookshelf at home.

  • This work presents a novel approach to medical image processing that is single image super resolution, based on sparse signal representation in fundus angiogram images for enhancing the quality which is affected by diabetes. Image enhancement is used to improve the quality of images for further analysis.

  • Exploitation of contextual information has become very important for any automatic image annotation system. In this work a method based on a kernel and keyword propagation technique is proposed for learning the image semantics for automatic annotation with a set of keywords for each image

  • The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has become an integral part of mainstream computing. The advancement and evolution of GPU has lead to a significant performance improvement of many algorithms used in day today life. Being a powerful Graphics engine, GPU’s are also powerful programmable processors featuring wide range of benefits over memory and arithmetic calculation.

  • Reading is essential in today’s society. Printed text is everywhere in the form of reports, receipts, bank statements, restaurant menus, classroom handouts, product packages, instructions on medicine bottles. The ability of masses who are blind or have significant visual impairments to read printed labels and product packages will enhance independent living and foster economic and social self-sufficiency.

  • Medical images are acquired using different modalities depending on the type of body part to be imaged. This results in various types of images like MRI, CT, PET, SPECT and X-Ray Images, each representing different features/aspects of the area being scanned. Study of these different types of images may be needed for clinical analysis by doctors.

  • Mammography has been the most popular method for the early detection of the breast cancer. Due to low contrast of mammograms typical diagnostic signs such as masses and micro calcification are difficult to detect. So to create a high resolution mammogram super resolution (SR) technique can be used.This technique will make a high resolution image from a series of low resolution images of the same scene.

  • This work presents a room automation system using hand gestures which is meant for physically impaired. The objective of project is to develop an algorithm for recognition of hand gestures with reasonable accuracy. Most of the gesture recognition system fails when the background is complex, here in our method we use hand detection in complex background

  • Video surveillance is an emerging field where it would become much more challenging when it concerns about the lighting conditions of the video taken at night time. Pedestrian detection would be very difficult under poor illumination condition and low contrast.

  • Improper sanitation and lack of drinking water ultimately results in the enteric infection and there by leads to huge malnutrition and other health problems in developing nations. Solving the sanitation challenge in the developing world will require radically new innovations that are deployable on a large scale. We aim to reduce the bacterial load of waste water by developing bacteriophages from sewage against the enteric pathogens.

  • The technique of Electrospinning has been considered as the most promising approach for the large scale production of nanofibers of varying diameter. It is quite a simple and efficient method for the nanofiber production. When a viscous fluid is charged with a high voltage, the electrostatic force draws the fluid into a liquid jet.