B. Sc. (Bachelor of Science) in Nursing

B. Sc. in Nursing is a full time four year undergraduate program. It is designed to prepare its students for shouldering responsibilities and assuming accountability for nursing services at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of care. They are essentially equipped to work as bedside nurses as well as generalist level medical, surgical, pediatric, psychiatric, community health nurses and midwives. They are also expected to take up leadership in nursing, being teachers, first level managers and budding researchers. The School of Nursing takes care to provide hands on skill by introducing the students to a great variety of cases in a technologically advanced clinical setup at Amrita Hospital. 

Post Basic B. Sc. (Bachelor of Science) Nursing

The program will help students develop an understanding of the philosophy, objectives and responsibilities of nursing as a profession. The purpose of the course is to orient to the current concepts involved in the practice of nursing and developments in the nursing profession integrating the knowledge of various fields and provide a holistic care to patients and their families through promotion of healthcare, prevention of disease spread and infection, care during illness and rehabilitation at the recovery.

M. Sc. in Nursing

The two year graduate program aims to prepare graduates to assume responsibilities as a nursing specialist, consultant, educator or administrator in a wide array of professional infrastructure. The M. Sc. in Nursing program is offered in the specialities like Medical Surgical Nursing, Child Health Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Obstetric and Gynecologic Nursing each of which demand varying and diverse knowledge base and skill sets. A nursing specialist is trained to act as a consultant in clinical practice and an educator to both nurses and the wider multidisciplinary team. Clinical management and leadership, utilising evidence based practice to ensure the attainment of excellence in patient care etc. come under the broad sphere relating to the duties of a specialist nurse. Ensuring patient safety is a distinct element of providing quality care that needs to be integrated into all levels of health care delivery systems.