• Amrita School of Business, Amritapuri, along with the students from International Volunteers University Student Association(IVUSA), Japan, designed infrastructure for sustainable development in rural communities of Perumbalam, Alappuzha District, Kerala. The project was a part of the Live-in-Labs® program.

  • "The size, simplicity of design, and firing time for this particular kiln was perfect for the women of this village. The size would allow them to fire many items of the scale they were making within a time frame that would not keep them from their homes for too long. The design of the kiln was also simple enough to be built in just three days, and since the walls were made of a single layer of bricks, future repairs would be easy to make. "

    - Meaghan Gates, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth, U.S.

  • There have been a number of studies of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) innovation suggesting that such firms see innovation differently from larger firms and governments. The overarching research question for the proposed study is: what are the sources of innovation for SMEs in the food products manufacturing industry?

    Five research objectives have been formulated to address the key dimensions of this research question:

  • This is a project on Corporate Governance Challenges. Over the last three decades, the Government of India has undertaken several reform measures to improve the profitability and efficiency performance of state owned enterprises in India.  The Guidelines for Corporate Governance (2007) was one such reform measure with a focus on improving the transparency and accountability of the management of SOEs.

  • ACE is instituted with the objective of infusing entrepreneurial spirit to help budding talents achieve their goals with the institution’s excellent infrastructure, mentoring and technical assistance. The center is setup to have a multifarious role that will help in the creation of a powerful ACE community, creation of student clubs, high-impact entrepreneurship programs, generation of opportunities, organizing leadership development programs, etc.

  • With a lack of consistent and sustainable employment as well as a lack of access to sustainable housing, many rural fishermen communities find themselves in cyclical poverty and spiraling debt. This study aims to understand and identify areas for potential economic growth, social development, and methods for building sustainable homes.

  • AmritaCREATE is funded under the World Bank funded initiative 'India: e-Delivery of Public Services DPL', for its eGovernance Analytics Platform in collaboration with CDAC and Amrita School of Business. 

  • The project titled "Innovation Management in the Indian IT Industry and to Develop Strategies for Commercializing Innovative IT Products and Services" funded under NSTMIS Scheme, DST, India- Approved in 2015.

  • This lab is set up between the Amrita School of Business and Centre for Sustainable and Responsible Organisations (CSARO) of Deakin University , Australia to conduct Business research in India, especially with focus on Corporate and Social Responsibility and related issues. Some of the research includes:

  • The project titled "Impact of Board Characteristics on Firm Performance: A Comparison of Private Sector Firms with SOEs in India" sponsored by NSE-IGIDR Corporate Governance research initiative, Mumbai, India- approved in 2013 

  • The project titled Coimbatore 2025 is the Project for The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Coimbatore. Dr. Sangeetha G. is the project in-charge.