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The Amrita School of Medicine features some of the most advanced medical facilities and techniques available in India today. These highly specialised institutes offer a variety of training programmes in national board certification, post-doctoral research programmes and collaborative studies with some of the finest medical institutions and universities throughout the world.

AIMS has thus been awarded with research protocols from national and international funding agencies. The high quality standards at AIMS backed up by the state-of-the-art infrastructure powered by the brightest minds of the country has made AIMS a preferred destination for multi centred international clinical studies.

A sequencer and real-time PCR and thermal cyclers have been made available to enable provision of diagnostic genetics for common inherited diseases and also to aid in research.

The present areas of advanced clinical research at AIMS include Molecular Biology, Molecular Medicine, Inborn Disorders of Metabolism, Biodegradable Stent, Heart Muscle Disease, Tumour Immunology, Electrical Disorders of the Heart, Non Contact Mapping and RF Ablation studies, Atrial Fibrillation – Genesis and Management, Vulnerable Plaque Recognition and Management, Studies on Tropical Pancreatitis and Hepatitis B to name a few.

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Department of Biostatistics

The true power of a research is in the practical application and stability of its results. It is to this end that Biostatistics plays a major role. Realizing the immense potential that Biostatistics has on health and medical care, an independent department of biostatistics has been established as an integral part of the Amrita medical and research institution. This department functions as a tool for the scientists and students in the Institute to designing research protocols, consult on the statistical analysis of research data and the interpretation of the results with utmost scientific and statistical validity. This department is a key element in ensuring the expertise in the academic and research activities at the Institute.

Funded Projects

With more than 200 funded research projects in over 30 departments, research is flourishing at AIMS. The wide array of organizations (ranging from government to private, national to international) endorsing AIMS with research funding is an indication of the quality of multi-disciplinary research being conducted.

Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2009 A Randomized, Double- blind placebo controlled, phase-2b study to assess the safety and efficacy effects of Art-123 on subjects with Sepsis and Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation Dr. Suresh G Nair Artisan Pharma
2008 Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Research Dr. Shanti Nair Pfizer Limited
Asram Project
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2007 Patient Monitoring Service Surplus fund
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2008 Clinical Biomedical and molecular Genetics profile of organic Acidurians Dr. D M Vasudevan I.C.M. R. Fellowship: Mr.Narayanan
Mechanisms of probiotic lactic acid bacteria in suppression of colon tumor and modulation of inflammatory responses Dr. D M Vasudevan I.C.M.R. Fellowship: Smt. Parvathy Varma
2005 Effect of ethnol on functional & Structural aspects of liver Dr. D M Vasudevan D.S.T. Kerala
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2006 The role of Lactic acid Bacteria and their metabolites inhibition of Colon Cancer Dr. Seema Nair D.S.T.New Delhi
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2009 RELY-ABLE “Long Term Multicenter Extension Of Dabigatran Treatment In Patients With Atrial Fibrillation Who Completed The RELY Trial And Cluster Randomised Trial To Access The Effect Of A Knowledge Translation Intervention On Patient Outcomes Dr. K.K.Haridas Boehringer Ingelheim Korea Ltd
The Balance study Treatment of Hyponatremia Based on Lixivation in NYHA class III/IV cardiac Patient Evaluation Dr. Vijayakumar Cardiolune Biophama,LLC.
2008 International multicentre randomized double blind study to compare the overall mortality in acutely ill patients with Enoxaparin versus placebo in addition to Graduated Elastic Stockings Dr. Prakash Kamath Aventis Pharma
Impact of Virgin Coconut Oil as a cooking medium on cardiovascular risk factors and clinical outcomes in patients with coronary artery disease receiving standard medical care; randomized single blind case control study with polyunsaturated sunflower oil. Dr. K.K.Haridas Coconut Development Board
Effects of ivabradine on cardio Vascular events in patients with moderate to severe chronic heart failure and left ventricular systolicfunction. A three year randomized dauble blind placebo controlled international multicentre study. Dr. Prakash Kamath George Institute for health India, Hydrabad IRIS-France
2007 Randomized Double blind parallel group Phase 3, Efficacy and safety,of AZD6140 compares with do
PIdogrel for prevention of vascular events in patients with Non ST/STE ACS D5130c05262-PLATO study
Dr. K.K.Haridas Astra Zeneca Pharma India Ltd
A randomized double blind controlled trial of the efficacy and safety of the POLYCAP factor Dr. Haridas Cadila Pharmaceuiticals India Pvt Lts
Randomized multinational daubleblind study comparing a high loading dose regimen of Clo
PIdogrel versus standard dose in patients with unstable angina or non ST segment evaluation myocardial infraction managed with an early invasive Strategy Current
Dr. Haridas Sanofi Aventis Research & Development
 Early Glycoprotein Iib/IIIa Inhibition in Non-DT-segment Elevation Acute Coronary syndrome: A randomized,Placebo controlled Trial evaluating the Clinical Benefits of Early front-loaded Eptifibatide in the treatment of patients with Non-ST-segment Evaluation Dr. K.K.Haridas Schering- Plough Research Institute Millennium Pharmaceuticals
CARDIO HEART-2D Dr. Prakash Kamath Trnsfer from Origin A/C
2006 Randomised Evaluation of long term anticoagulent theraphy RELY-compairing the efficacy and safety of two blinded doses of elabigation etexilate with cepan label .warfaien for the prevention of stroke and systemic embolism in patients with non-vascular atr Dr. K.K.Haridas Bachringer Ingetherin
PIA -global TAXUS liberate Registry Progra me to support world wide commercialisation-inter continental launch face device.TAXUS+M Liberte-SR-paclitaxil Eluting Coronary Stent System
Dr. K.K.Haridas Boston Scientific
STITCH-Surgical Treatment for Ischemic Heart failure Dr. Prakash Kamath Clinic Rx Research
Cardiovascular disease surveillance among the Adivasi Population Dr. K.K.Haridas I.C.M.R.
Role of medium chain fatty acids of coconut oil in atherosclerosis Dr. Prakash Kamath KSCSTE
FREEDOM TRIAL Dr. K.K.Haridas National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
Dr. K.K.Haridas Sanofi Synthelabo India Ltd
2005 Poise study Dr. K.K.Haridas Astra Siniea
Centre for Digital Health
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2007 Impact Telemedicine influencing rural health outcomes Dr. Ajith N Babu I.C.M.R
2006 Digital health at every doorstep-Integrated High Band Width Wirless communication Networks Dr. Ajith N Babu Media Lab Asia
Community Medicine / Dentistry
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2009 Knowledge altitudes and practices of Health Care Ethics Postgraduate students in Kerala Dr. Chandrashekhar J Internal (Department)/Funding Institutional
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2008 CABG OFF or ON Pump Revascularisation Study (Coronary Study) Dr. Shiv K Nair Canadian Institute of Health Research
2005 RSD-1235 Study Dr. Shiv K Nair Cardiome pharma
Dental College
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2007 Oral manifestations in inflammatory Bowel Disease Dr. Alexander Internal (Department)/Funding Institutional
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2009 Randomized Double Blind place bo controlled parallel design ,multisite clinical study to evaluate the bioequivalence of calcipotriene cream 0.005% (Glenmark Generics ltd ) to dovonex ( Calcipotriene cream ) 0.005% ( Leo Pharma) in patients with moderate t Dr. Feroze Kaliyadan Glenmark Generics Ltd
2008 A phase I/II Dose Ranging study to evaluate the safety and efficacy anti- CD 6 monoclonal antibody (TI h Mab) in patients with active psoriasis. Dr. Feroze Kaliyadan Clinigene International Ltd
 A Multicenter, Double- blind, Randomized, Parallel- group, and placebo controlled study to determine the clinical bioequivalence of a generic clorimazole 1% and Betamethasone Dipro PIonate 0.05% To PIcal Cream and the reference listed Lotrisone® (Clotrimazo Dr. Feroze Kaliyadan Glenmark Generics Ltd
Incorporation of digital technology in dermatology teaching evaluation of effectiveness. Dr. Feroze Kaliyadan No Funding Required
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2009 This is a parallelarm, randomized, 16-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 2 study of LY 2189265 in patients with type2 Diabetes Mellitus who have discontinued Metformin monotherapy or have not been treated with anti hyperglycemic medications Dr. Harish Kumar Eli Lilly & Company
Safety and efficacy of Exenatide Once Weekly Injection versas Metformin,Dipeptidy 1,Pepetidase-4,Inhibitor or Thiazolidinedione as Monotherapy in Drug Naïve Patients with Type2 Diabetes Dr. Harish Kumar Eli Lilly & Company
A randomized open label, cross over ,experimental study to evaluate the physical effects of different types of cooking Oils on glucose and li PId metabolism in healthy humen subjects Dr. Baiju Krishnan Internal (Department)/Funding Institutional
A Phase 2 ,Randomized ,Double Blind ,Placebo And active comparator controlled study to evaluate the safety and efficiancy of MBX 102/JNJ 39659100 in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus with inadequate glycemic control on metform in monotherapy Dr. Harish Kumar Metabolex Inc USA
2008 A Randomised, Double blind, active controlled parallel group efficacy and safety study of BI 1356 (0.5 mg, administered orally once daily) compared to glime PIride ( 1 to 4 kg once daily) over two years, in type 2 diabetics patients with insufficient glyc Dr. Harish Kumar Bachringer Ingetherin
A multicentre Randomized Double blind Placebo controlled Comparative Parallel group Phase-II Clinical Trial Dr. Ajith Kumar Varma Centaur Pharmacuticals
Development and testing new dynamically moulding foot wear for diabetic patients Dr. Ajith Kumar Varma D.B.T., NewDelhi
Effect of metformin HCl in combination with colesevelam HCl, compared to metformin HCl alone, as initial therapy in orags- naïve subjects with Type2 Diabetes mellitus, and the effects of colesevelam, HCl on the li PId profile in subjects with pre- diabetes Dr. Unnikrishnan Daiichi Sankyo Pharma Development
A randomized dauble blind placebo and active comparative controlled parallel group study of the efficacy and safety of Rivoglitazone as monotheraphy treatment of type 2 Diabetes mellitus with optional 26 weeks.Active comparator controlled extension period Dr. Harish Kumar Daiichi Sankyo Pharma Development
A prospective randomized trialcompairing insulin lispro protamine suspension to Insulin Glargine in patients with type 2 diabetes on anti hyperglycemic medications Dr. Harish Kumar Eli Lilly & Company
Treat to target comparison of two Basal Insulin Analoga (Insulin Lispro Protamine suspension and Insulin Determir in basal therapy for patients with type 2 Diabetes mellitus Dr. Harish Kumar Eli Lilly & Company
A study on effectiveness of three different steroid dosing regimen in classical salt wasting congenital adrenal hyperplasia Dr. Prem Kumar (DNB Student) Endo Research Fund
A randomized double blind placebo controlled parallel group study to determine whether in patients with type 2 diabetes at high risk for cardiovascular and renal events Aliskiren on top of conventional treatment reduces cardiovascular and renal morbidity Dr. Unnikrishnan NOVARTIS
A 16 week randomized open labeled four armed treat to target parallel group trial comparing SIBA D once daily SIBA E once daily,SIBA D Monday Wednesday and Friday and Insulin Glargine once daily,all in combination with metformin in subjects with type 2 di Dr. Harish Kumar Novo Nordisk India Private Limited
2007 AGI-1067 As a Novel Anti Diabetic Agent Evaluation Study Dr. Unnikrishnan AtheroGenics Inc
An open label multi-center randomised parallel group study comparing the efficacy and safety of Insulin VIAJECTTM and regular human insulin in patients with type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (VIAject-06) Dr. Harish Kumar Biodel
An open label multi-center randomised parallel group study comparing the efficacy and safety of Insulin VIAJECTTM and regular human insulin in patients with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (VIAject-08) Dr. Harish Kumar Biodel
A Multicentre ,Randomized,Double-Blind Placebo-controlled phase 3 trial to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Saxagliptin (BMS-477118) as Monotheraphy with Titration in subjects with type 2 Diabetes who have inadequate Fglycemic Control with Diet and Exe Dr. Harish Kumar Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmasuitical Research Institute
A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo and Active Comparator-controlled, Parallel-group Study of the Efficacy and safety of Rivoglitazone as Monotherapy Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Dr. Harish Kumar Daiichi Sankyo Pharma Development
A phase 3,Open label Crossover study to Evaluate the efficacy and safety of Human Insulin inhalation Powder (HIIP) compared with once daily insulin Glargine in Insulin Native Patients with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus on Oral Agents Dr. Harish Kumar Eli Lilly & Company
Prevelance of Fungal Infection in Web-Space Toe nail and deep tissue of diabetic foot wounds and the role of Systemic Anti-fungal agents in diabetic foot wound healing Dr. Harish Kumar Endo Research Fund
A pre-screening Initiative to Assess HbAic Value in Patients with type 2 Mellitus and determine Eligibility for a Phase Iib Clinical study with GSK 189075 Dr. Harish Kumar Glaxo Smithkline
A multicentre Randomized Double blind study to determine the efficacy and safety of the Addition of SYR322 25 mg versus dose Titration from 30 mg to 45 mg of ACTOS®
PIoglitazone HCI in subjects with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Who have inadequate Control on
Dr. Harish Kumar Takeda Global Resarch &Development centre Inc.
A 24 week, Randomized,Dauble blind Placebo Controlled,Multicenters study of the safety and efficacy of PPM-204 in subjects with type-2 Diabetes. Dr. A.G.Unnikrishnan Wyeth Research Division
2006 A Phase 3 Open label parallel group study to evaluate the Efficacy of Preprandial Human Insulin Inhalation powder HIIP Compared to Preprandial Injectable insulin in patients with Type 1 diabetes Mellitus -IDAV Dr. Harish Kumar Eli Lilly & Company
Hyperglycemia and its effect after a cute myocardial on cardiovascular outcomes in patientswith type2 diabetes. Dr. Harish Kumar Eli Lilly & Company
IDAH- Study of the efficacy and safety of human insulin inhalation powder in patients with type I Diabetes Mellitus Dr. Harish Kumar Eli Lilly & Company
IDAS-Study to evaluate the safety&efficacy of human insulin inhalation powder compared to injuctable insulin in patients with diabetes and COPD or Asthama Dr. Harish Kumar Eli Lilly & Company
The effect of IAM technequeon stress modulated changes in neuro endocrine immuno adaptive mechanisms Ms.Vandana from surplus fund
Liraglutide Effect and Action in Diabetes (LEAD-2) Dr. Harish Kumar Novo Nordisk India Private Limited
Effect of endothelin receptor antagonist avosentan ontime to daubling of serum creatinine and stage renal disease or death in patients with type 2 diabetic nephropathy-AVOSETAN Dr. Harish Kumar Speedel Pharma Ltd
Diabetes control using indiageneo develeped insulin pump in controlling blood sugar of diabetes PIgs Dr. Harish Kumar TIFAC CORE ,DST, N.Delhi
2005 Development of appropriate prevention and intervention strategies for non-commentable nutritional related disorders among women in post-reproductive period Dr. V.UshaMenon D.S.T.New Delhi
2004 Effectof Arzoxifence on vertebral Fraction incidence and on invarsive brest cancer incidence GENERATION Dr. Harish Kumar Eli Lilly & Company
2003 ORGIN Study Dr. Harish Kumar Sanofi Aventis Research & Devolopment
2002 ADEPS-Amrita Diabetic andEndo-crine genepopulation survey Dr. Harish Kumar Eli Lilly & Company
2001 GeNesis Study Dr. Harish Kumar Eli Lilly & Company
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2008 Efficacy and safety study of the antihistamine V0114CP 2.5 mg in the treatment of perinnial allergic Rhinitis. Randomized, double blind, three arm parallel, group study including placebo and active control arm (levocetirizine 5 mg) Dr. Indhudharan Chiltern, Navkar Chambers, ‘B’ Wing 4th Floor, Andheri, Kurla Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai- 400059.
Active controlled trial of the safety and Tolerability of MP 29-02 in subjects with chronic allergic or nonallergic Rhintis Dr. Indhudharan Medpointc Pharmaceuticals
2007 Correlation between pre-operative and post operative computerized tomography scan(CT Scan) scores and symptomatic improvement in patients with Sino nasal polyps undergoing endoscopic sinus surgery Dr. Indhudharan Surplus fund
Gastro Surgery
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2009 A Multinational ,multicenter randomised double bliend study comparing the efficacy and safety of AVE 5026 with enoxaparion for the prevention of Venous Thrombocmbolism (VTE) in patients undergoing Major abdomineal Surgery Dr. Puneet Dhar Sanofi-Aventis Research & Development
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2008 A phase III randomized,multi-centre,dauble blind,parallel group,active comparator study to compare the efficacy and safety of SPD476 (mesalazine) 2.4g/day once daily (QD) with Asacol 1.6g/day twice daily (BID) in the maintenance of remission in patients Dr. V. Balakrishnan Shire Pharmacuitical development Ltd
A multicentre randomized double blind placebocontrolled dose ranging study to acess the safety and efficacy of TZP-101 when administered as a 30 miniutes I.V infusion to subjects with severe gastroparesis due to diabetes mellitus Dr. Balakrishnan Tranzyme Pharma,Inc
2007 A Randomized, Double blind, Placebo-Controlled Evaluation of the Safety,Efficacy, and Pharmacokinectics of Multiple Doses of Basiliximab, with Concomitant Corticosteroids, in Steroid-Refractory Ulcerative Colitis-BSX-002. Dr. Shine Sadasivan Cerimon Pharmaceuticals
A Randomized, Double blind, Placebo-Controlled Evaluation of the Safety, Efficacy, and Pharmacokinectics of Multiple Doses of Basiliximab, with Concomitant Corticosteroids, in Steroid-Refractory Ulcerative Colitis- BSX-001. Dr. Shine Sadasivan Cerimon Pharmaceuticals
Improvement of S&T infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institution (FIST) Grant Dr. Narayanan D.S.T.New Delhi
2005 Metabolic Study-Amino acid deficiency in tropical pancreatitis Dr. Balakrishnan D.S.T.Kerala
General Medicine
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2008 Erythrocyte Trans Ketolase (ETK) As An Index For Thiamine Deficiancy Dr. R.N. Sharma Internal (Department)/Funding Institutional
GI Surgery
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2009 Hepatic strategies clinico- pathological and radiological correlation study Dr. Datta Ram (DNB Student) From GI Surgery
 A prospective multicentre ,double blind ,randmized,comparative study to estimate the safety tolerability and efficacy of NXL104/ceftazidime plus metronidazole Vs meropenem in the treatment of complicated intra -abdominal infections (cIAI) in hospitalize Dr. Puneet Dhar Novexel.S.A.Pare Biocitech 102
A randomized, double blind, multicentric, placebo controlled, single dose, phase II study assessing the safety and efficacy of intramuscular EX vivo cultured adult allogenic mesenchymal stem cells in patients with critical limb ischemia (CLI) Dr. Sudhindra Stempeutics Research Pvt. Ltd
2008  A Phase III double blind randomized study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of BAL 8557 versus a cuspafungin followed by vorilanazole Regimen in the treatment of candida infections Dr. Puneet Dhar Basilea Pharmacuitca Ltd
A Phase II study Nedjuvant Chemotheraphy followed by surgery in locally Advanced gastricCancers Dr. Puneet Dhar Institutional study
A randomized study of of the efficacy and safety of OncoGelTM treatment as an adjunctive therapy to systematic chemotherapy and concurrent external beam radiation prior to surgery in subjects with localized or loco- regional esophageal cancer. Dr. Puneet Dhar Protherics Inc
Protocol TAR-ORI-SD001 titled Nuvocid TM(Coritavancin) at single or infrequent doses for the treatment of complicated skin and skin structure infections Dr. Puneet Dhar Targanta Therapeutics Corporation
2007 Oral Direct factor Xa inhibitor rivaroxaban in patients with acute symptomatic deepveiin thrombosis or pulmonary embolism -11899 Dr. Sudhindran Bayer HealthCare
Oral Direct factor Xa inhibitor rivaroxaban in patients with acute symptomatic deepveiin thrombosis or pulmonary embolism -11702 Dr. Sudhindran Bayer HealthCare
A Phase 3andomized Dauble blind parallel group multicentre placebo controlled study of INTRAVENOUS (IV) Dr. Puneet Dhar Progenics Pharmaceuticals
A Multicenter, Randomized,Dauble blind,Placebo controlled, Dose ranging Study to assess the Efficacy and safety of TZP-101 when Administered as a 30 miniute I.v..Infusion for postoperative Lleus to Subjects Undergoing major Open AbdominalSurgery Dr. Puneet Dhar Tranzyme Pharma,Inc
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2005 Generation study Dr. Rajammal
Head & Neck
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2009 Identification, isolation and characterization of tumor initiating cells (TICS) from oral squamous cell carcinoma Dr. Moni Abraham ICMR Fellowship : Smt. Sindhu V G
UGC GRANT-Phd Students Dr. Moni Abraham UGC Fellowship: Smt. Priya S
2008 Effect of Inhibition of Nuclear Factor kappa B (NFkB) using to
PIcally Applied Curcumin on Split Skin Graft Survival in the Treatment of Chronic Wounds
Dr. Subramania Iyer Department Fund
Bowman Brik Inhibitor Concentrate and Oral Leukoplakia: A randomized Phase II b Trial Dr. Moni Abraham NIH
2007 A randomized multicentre therapeutic confirmatory study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of proxinium plus best supportivecare versus best supportive care along in patients with advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head & neck who have received atle Dr. Moni Abraham Viventia Biotech Inc
Proposal for Head & Neck Biorepository Service Dr. Moni Abraham Department Fund
A Randomized Dauble Blind Placebo controlled Multicentre Phase III study of Post Operative Adjuvant5 Lapatinib or Placebo Monotherapy in high risk subjects with Resected Squomousw Cell Carcinoma of Head & Neck (SCCHN) Dr. Subramania Iyer GSK Glaxo SmithKline
2006 Gene expression profiling of H&N squamous cell carcinoma by DNA microarray Dr. Moni Abraham CSIR
Lymphocintography for evaluation of nodal metastasin H&N Dr. Moni Abraham D.S.T.Kerala
Assessment of Oral Self Examination for early detection of oral cancers and precancers in high risk rural population. Dr. Moni Abraham D.S.T.New Delhi
Prevelance of Hypothyroidism following treatment of Head & Neck Cancer and its impact on quality life Dr. Subramania Iyer Head & Neck Research
A phase II Randomized Opel Label Controlled Clinical Trial to evaluate safety & efficacy of WCK 771 in comparison with vancomycin or cefazolin in the treatment of complicated skins ,soft tissue,infections caused by Gram +ve bacteria Dr. Subramania Iyer Wockhardt Ltd
2005 Curcumin Study-to evaluate the effect of curcumin Dr. Moni Abraham D.B.T.NewDelhi
Head&Neck Oncology SARD Programme Dr. Moni Abraham D.S.T.Kerala
2004 SULINDAC Study Dr. Moni Abraham MSKC-centre-USA
Human Cytogenetic
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2006 Chromosome 22911 microdetection in patients with selected Congenetial heart disease Study of Prevalence phenotype, Genotype and mode of inhaitance  Dr. M.V.Thampi I.C.M.R
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2005 I.S.M. Speciality Clinic of Yoga & Naturopathy  Dr. Prem Nair ISM N.Delhi
ISM Ayurveda Panchakarma Unit  Dr. Prem Nair ISM N.Delhi
Medical Engineering
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2006 Modeling the effects of decreesed levels of GABA & accumulation  Dr. S.N.Sarbadhikari D.S.T.Kerala
Autonomous mobile Robots based on bioinspired artificial control  Dr. S.N.Sarbadhikari D.S.T.New Delhi
Medical Astrology
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2006 Medical Astrology  Dr. Jaggu Swami Surplus Fund
Metabolic Disorder
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2006 Augmentation Project toMass Screening Programme for inborn Errors of Metabolism in Kerala (SARD)  Dr. Kannan Vaidhyanathan Kerala state Council
2004 Newborn Mass screening programme for inborn errors of Metabolism in Kerala  Dr. Kannan Vaidhyanathan D.S.T.Kerala
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2007 Clinico-Epidemiologic and molecular Charactorization of Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase Producing Klebsiella spp.E.col & Enterobacter spp causing Nosocomial and Community Infections  Dr. Kavitha R Dinesh ICMR/CMC Vellore
Molecular Medicine
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2009 CSIR Junior Research Fellowship Dr. T.S. Ganesan CSIR
Ramalingaswami Fellowship Dr. Raja Biswas D.B.T.NewDelhi
2008 Biology of Cancer Stem Cell Dr. T.S. Ganesan D.B.T.NewDelhi
Identification of novel cell surface molecules of threpeutic significance in central nervous system leukemia. Dr. Krishna Kumar Menon D.S.T.Kerala
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2009 Fellowship and other operational expence for M Tech Nanotechnology student Dr. Shanti Nair Tata Chemicals Ltd
UGC GRANT-Phd Students Dr. Shanti Nair UGC Fellowship: Smt. Aswathy J
2008 Nano toxicology and Nano medicine Dr. Shanti Nair D.B.T.NewDelhi
Novel biodegradable Thermo- Responsive Nano- Vehicles for cancer Drug Delivery Applications Dr. R. Jayakumar D.B.T.NewDelhi
Novel Nano delivery carrier for systemic control and release of parathyroid hormone for treatment of bone diseases Dr. Nagarajan Selvamurugan D.B.T.NewDelhi
Self- tracking nano- delivery vehicle for siRNA based gene silencing Dr. Manzoor K D.B.T.NewDelhi
Preparation of novel biogradable chitin scaffolds with hydroxya patite /zn0 nanoparticles for wound dressing applications Dr. R. Jayakumar D.S.T.New Delhi
Financial assistance for the P.G Entrance (M. Tech, nano medical Science) Dr. Shanti Nair D.S.T.New Delhi
Electro nanoprocessing of semiconductor nanotube arrays for high efficiency photovoltaics Dr. Shanti Nair D.S.T.New Delhi
Preparation of Chitin Hydrogel and Carboxymethyl Chitin Dr. Shanti Nair India sea Food
Preparations of Nano formulations Dr. Shanti Nair THEMIS Medicare
2007 Processing Compatibilization and targeting of semiconductor nano crystals for cancer Diagonostics Dr. Deepthy Menon D.B.T.NewDelhi
2006 Nano Surface Bioengineering of Implants Dr. Shanti Nair D.B.T.NewDelhi
Implants tissue Engineering Stem cell research Nanotechnology Dr. Shanti Nair D.S.T.New Delhi
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2008 A sequential adaptive phase II/III multi centre,randomized dauble blind placebo controlled study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Abatacept versus placebo on abackground of Mycophenolat Mofetil and Glucocorticosteroids in subjects with active prolif Dr. George Kurian Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmasuitical Research Institute
2006 A randomized dauble blind placebo-controlled four arm parallel group multicenter multinational safety and efficacy trial of 100 mg, 300 mg And 900 mg of Abetimus Sodium in systemic lupus erythematosus SLF patients with a history of renal disease Dr. George Kurian La jolla Pharmasuiticals
Extension of Investigational product(Aropotion) Expiry date for the clinical trial of recombinant Human Erythropoietin in patients with chromic renal failure Dr. V.N.Unni T S Corporation Korea
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2009 A Randomized Multicentre,Placebo-Controlled And Active Reference (Glatiramer Acetate) Comparison Study To Evaluate The Efficiancy And Safety Of BG00012 In Subjects With Relapsing- Remitting Multiple Scelerosis Dr. Sruresh Kumar Biogen IDEC
2006 PROFESS STUDY-prevention Regimen for Effectively avoiding second stroke. Dr. Anand Kumar Institute of population Health & clinical Research
VIATOPS STUDY-Clinical trial examining the efficacy and safety of Multivitamin theraphy in secondry stroke prevention Dr. Vinayan Johnson & Johnson
 TOPMAT STUDY-study to acess the safety and tolarability and efficacy of To
piramates oral liquid and sprinkle formulation as an adjunct to concurrent Anticonvulsant theraphy for infants with refractory partial onset seizures with open label Extension
Dr. N.V.Ahsan Moosa Johnson & Johnson
Molecular genitics analysis of Von Hippel Lindau Syndrome in Kerala State Dr. Dilip Panikar KSCSTE
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2009 Efficacy and Safety of Apr 1 in Adult patients with recurrent or Refractory Anaplastic Astrocytoma (WHO grade III) as compared to standard treatment with Temozolomide or BCNU: A randomized Actively controlled open label clinical phase III study Dr. Dilip Panikar Antisense Pharma
2008 A prospective, multicenter, double blind, randomised placebo controlled, parallel group to access the efficacy and safety of clazosentan in reducing vasospasm-related morbidity and all-cause mortality in adult patients with aneurismal subarachnoid hemorrh Dr. Dilip Panikar Actelion Pharmaceuticals ltd
2006 Open label Dose Confirmation Study of Interstitial 131 I-chTNT- I/B Mab (COTARAtm) for the treatment of Recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Dr. Dilip Panikar Peregrine Pharmaceuticals
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2009 To assess the nurse care rendered by student nurses as perceived by patients and staff nurses of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre Ms. Tintu Chandran (Nursing Student) Internal (Department)/Funding Institutional
To assess the knowledge level regarding breast feeding practices among primigravida mothers Ms. Jissy Varghese (Nursing Student) Internal (Department)/Funding Institutional
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2009 Phase 1b single arm, open label, multicentre study of fluphenazine HCI monotherapy in relapsed or relapsed and refactory multiple myeloma Dr. T.S. Ganesan Immune Control Inc
Lenalidomide plus short course Dexamethasone treatment in Newly diagnosed Multiple Myeloma- A single Centre study. Dr. Wesley M Jose Internal (Department)/Funding Institutional
AXITINIB (AG-013736) as Second Line Therapy for Metastatic Renal Cell Cancer: AXISTRIAL Dr. K.Pavithran Pfizer Limited
A Phase III study of Vinflunine plus gemcitabine versus Paclitaxel plus gemcitabine n patients with unresectable, locally recurrent or Metastatic breast cancer after prior anthracycline- based adjuvant chemotherapy Dr. Prasad Narayanan / Dr. K.Pavithran Pierre Fabre Medicament Represented by Institute de Recherche Pierre Fabre
2008 A phase 4 , parallel group,Multi-Centre study to Asses the safety and Efficacy of Multiple dosing Regimens of IV Conivaptan in subjects with Euvolemic or Hypervolemic Hyponatremia Dr. Pavithran Astellas Pharma US Inc. (APUS)
An open Label ,Dose Finding,Prospective Multicenter,Randomized Parallel group study to asses the efficacy and safety of three different dose levels of AV1-014(G-CSF) compared with a standard dose of Neupogen in brest cancer patients at high(>20%) risk for Dr. T.S. Ganesan AviGenics,Inc
Immunoscintigraphy to Assess uptake of 99 TCM Labeled CD 105 antibody in Patients with Solid Tumors Dr. T.S. Ganesan Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS)
A phase III study of Erbbr2 positive advanced or metastatic gastric or esophageal or gastroesophageal junction adenocacinona treated with capecitabine plus oxaliplatin with or without lepatinib Dr. T.S. Ganesan Glaxo Smithkline
A dauble blind Randomized Phase 2b study evaluating the efficacy and safety of sorafenib compared to placebo when administered in combination with paclitaxel in patients with locally recurrent or Metastatic Brest Cancer Dr. Prasad Narayanan Reliance clinical Research sevice
A Multinational, Randomised ,Double Blind,Placebo Controlled study to evacuate the efficiancy and safety of AVE5026 in the prevention of venous Thromboembolism (VTE) in cancer patients at high risk for VTE and who are undergoing Chemotherapy Dr. K.Pavithran Sanofi Aventis Research & Devolopment
PCR screening and genetic counselling for female carriers of common molecular mutations of Hemophilia A and expanded diagnostic testing for hemophilia A in India Dr. K.Pavithran/Dr.Manoj Unni Source of fund not specified
2007 A Randomized Double blind Multicentre study of Denosumab Compared with Zoledronic Acid(Zometa ) in the treatment of Bone Metastases in Men with Hormone-Refractory Prostate Cancer Dr. Pavithran Amgen Inc
Clinical Research Training Centre Dr. T.S. Ganesan D.B.T.NewDelhi
A randomized Phase 3 Study of Pemetrexed in combination with Cisplatin Monotherapy in Patients with Recurrent or Metastatic Head& Neck Cancer Dr. Pavithran Eli Lilly & Company
Study of the safety and efficacy of the intravenous and oral formulation of Nuerokinin-1 receptor antagonist Casopitant (GW69769) in combination with ZOFRAN and Dexamethasone for the prevention of chemotharapy induced nausea and vomitting in cancer patien Dr. Pavithran Glaxo Smithkline
Patterns of care and Survival studies in Head & Neck Cancer Cancer Cervix,Cancer breast( All India study) Dr. T.S. Ganesan National Cancer Registry Project – ICMR
Phase II study of Intra peritoneal chemotherapy in patients with ovarian cancer Dr. T.S. Ganesan / Dr. Abdul Majeedh Ph.D student
Immunoscintigraphy to assess uptake of 99 TcM labled CD 105 antibody in patients with solid Tumors Dr. Ganeshan/ Dr.Kishore Kumar Ph.D student
2006 Open Label Randomized Phase II Study of two Different Dosing Regimens of Capecitabine in combination with intravenous Docetaxel (Q3W) in patients with locally Advanced and /or Metastatic Brest Cancer Dr. Pavithran Hoffmann-La Roche Inc
A Phase I/II Open label Dose Escalation Study to Determine the safety Tolerance and Preliminary Activity of Intravenous High-Dose Fluphenazine HCI in patients with Advanced Multiple Mycloma Dr. T.S. Ganesan Immune Control Inc
Study of Epocitin Alfa plus standard supportive care verses standard supportive care in Anemic Patients with Metastastatic Breast cancer receiving First-line standard chemotheraphy Dr. Pavithran  Johnson & Johnson
paclitaxel/carboplatin plus pf-3512676 verses paclitaxel /carboplatin as first live treatment of patients Dr. K.Pavithran Pfizer Limited
Comparison of Thalidomide versus high dose Dexamethasone for the treatment of relasped refractory multiple Myloma (THAPHINT) Dr. Pavithran Reliance clinical Research service
The study safety and efficacy of Recombinant Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor-rG-CSF (ReliGrast TM ) in patients with Chemotherapy induced neutropenia Dr. Pavithran Reliance Life Sciences Pvt.Ltd
Prostate cancer screening in Kerala Dr. Chitradara Science & Technology
2005 Randomised phase 3 trial of ALTIMA and cisplatin versus GEMZAR and cisplatin inpatients with locally advanced. Dr. Pavithran Johnson & Johnson
NYU-Brest Cancer Project Dr. Vijayakumar Newyork University
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2009 A Phase 3 safety and Efficacy Study of Vitreosolve for three ophthalmic Intravitreal injections for inducing Posterior Vitreous Detachment in Retinopathy Subjects Dr. Gopal S PIllai Vitreoretinal Technologies, Inc
2008 A 6 day ,Phase 3, Multicentre,Randomized,Double Masked Parallel study to compare the safety and efficacy of Gatifloxacin 0.5% opthalmic solution BID with that of Vehicle in the treatment of Acute Bacterial Conjunctivitis Dr. Meenakshi Dhar ALLERGAN Pharmacutical Development Center (India) Pvt Ltd
Catract operation/ Diabetic retinopathy treatment / Gloucoma management / low vision services Dr. Prem Nair National Programme For Control Of Blindness Directorate General Of Health Services
Multicentre open label study evaluating the efficacy and safety of e
PInastine Hydrocloride 0.05/opthalmic solution used twice daily for 3 weeks in adult patients with seasonal allergic conjunctants.
Dr. Meenakshi Dhar ALLERGAN Pharmacutical Development Center (India) Pvt Ltd
Paediatric Cardiology
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2009 Development of an epidemiological model to modify cadiovascular risk profile in children Dr. R Krishna Kumar I.C.M.R
2007 Establishment of Nodal coordinating center for training of Satelite Centers for Establishment of the RF/RHD registry (Wayanad,Mumbai and potentially Chatisgrah) Dr. Krishna Kumar I.C.M.R
2006 Rheumatic fever/Rheart disease (RF/RHD) registry at Wynad Dr. R Krishna Kumar I.C.M.R
Creation & evaluation of a clinical stragey to screen for contingental heart disease in newborn Dr. R Krishna Kumar I.C.M.R
Study to acess safety of oral Sildenafil in the treatment of subjects protocol A1481156 Dr. R.Krishnakumar Pfizer Limited
TTK Chitra Heart Valves Dr. Krishna Kumar T.T.K.Healthcare Ltd
2005 Nutritional recovery after corrective surgery for congenital Heart disease in children Dr. R.Krishnakumar D.S.T.Kerala
2004 Randamised control trial of Sildenafil for Peadiatric Pulmonary hypertension Dr. R.Krishnakumar Pfizer Limited
Paediatrics / Cardiology
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2007 Losartan/HCTZ combination as compared to Losartan Monotherapy in Peadiatric Patients with essential Hypertension study Dr. Edwin Francis MSD Pharmasuiticals
Pain & Palliative
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2008 Implementation of the hospital policy on end of life care Dr. Nandini.V. No Funding Required
Peadiatric CVTS
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2007 International randomized double blind clinical study evaluating the efficacy and safety of Clopidogrel 0.2 mg/kg once daily versus placebo in neonates and infants withcyanotice congenital heart disease palliated with a systemic-to-pulmonary artery shunt. Dr. Suresh G Rao Sanofi Aventis Research & Devolopment
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2008 Correlation between Anthropometric measurements and peak xepiratory flow rate in adolescent age group Vinaya Vijayan No Funding Required
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2008 Rejection sensitivity : lLinking attachment pattern to psycho social adjustment in eary adoloscence Dr. Gitanjali Self
Effect of a computer aidid cognitive enrichment programme on the scolastic perfomance of children Dr. Aniita Rajah Self
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2009 Comparison of clinical scoring system and overnight polusomnography in diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea- a comparative study Dr. Varun Patel (DNB Student) Internal (Department)/Funding Institutional
2008 A Randomized,4 week ,placebo controlled, dauble blind, 6 arm parallel group dose finding clinical trial to assess the efficacy safety and pharmacokinetics of three different doses of formoterol (6,12 &19ug) combined with the inhaled anticholinergic aclidi Dr. Dharshana Vishwam COVANCE
A randomized dauble blind parallel study of a once daily dosing of EPI-12323 versus placebo in symptomatic moderate to severe Asthematics on Low-Dose inhaled corticosteriods and long-acting Agonists Dr. Kumari Indhira Epigenesis Pharmaceuticals
Year Project Title PI Funding Agency
2008 A Multicentre, Double blind, Placebo, Controlled, Parallel group, Study to explore the Dose Dependent Response to three levels of BOTOX® Botulinum Toxin Type A Purified Neurotoxin complex followed by an open label extension phase in patients with urinary Dr. Georgie Mathew ALLERGAN Pharmacutical Development Center (India) Pvt Ltd
A phase III Randomized placebocontrolled dauble blind study to Assess the efficacy and safety of once daily orally administeredZD4054 10 mg in non metastatic hormone resistant prostate Cancer Patients Dr. Ginil Kumar Astra Zeneca
A phase II b/III, Multicentre,dauble blind,randomized placebocontrolled dose ranging study of Transulosin Hydrochloride (Low medium and high dose) as treatment in children with Nueropathic Bladder for three months Dr. Georgie Mathew SIRO Clinpharm Pvt Ltd
2006 Prospectius multicentre active and placebo controlled randomised Dauble blind Phase II study Dr. Georgie Mathew Salvat S.A Laboratom

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