M. Tech. in Remote Sensing & Wireless Sensor Network

Earth observation from space has provided mankind and its decision makers with new global perspective of its environment. Protection of the environment will certainly be one of the greatest challenges in the 21st century. Remote sensing data gathered from air borne and space borne sensor systems are one of the starting points for preparing tools for gaining a better understanding of its complex interactions between the atmosphere, oceans, ice regions and land surfaces on one hand and the population with its various activities on the other hand. Recent developments in sensor technology coupled with wireless network technology have given a new dimension to the word ‘remote sensing’. Remote sensing by deployment of thousands of sensors in fields to gather data for remote monitoring, control or other decision making process can now be put under the purview of remote sensing. There are immense possibilities for integrating data obtained from satellite based sensing and ground based measurements using cheap sensors deployed in the field. This course aims at developing manpower in this highly interdisciplinary area. The forecast for such manpower requirements is large and fall short of the current requirements. Remote sensing and wireless sensor networks as a scientific discipline, depends on field measurements, computer vision, adhoc wireless networks, analysis and cognition systems. It has great strategic importance from the point of view of defense, natural calamities, space exploration and non-destructive testing. It is also applied in agriculture, marine and geological explorations, weaponry, transportation and health monitoring of machines, structures and livestock.

M. Tech. in Computational Engineering & Networking

Computational Engineering is a broad, rapidly growing multidisciplinary area tha encompasses applications in science/engineering, applied mathematics, numerical analysis, and computer science. Going from application area to computational results requires domain expertise, mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, algorithm development, software implementation, visualization and validation of results. Computational Engineering makes use of the techniques of applied mathematics and computer science for the development of problem-solving methodologies, which will be the building blocks for solutions to scientific engineering problems of ever-increasing complexity. It differs from mathematics or computer science in that analysis and methodologies are directed specifically at the solution of problem classes from science and engineering, and will generally require a substantial collaboration from those disciplines.

On the other hand, it is certainly more than using software packages to generate and visualize the results, since it also concerns the development of algorithms for solving scientific and technical problems. Today, many problems in science and engineering can be treated only by means of efficient use of computers. Computation is now regarded as an equal and indispensable partner, along with theory and experiment, in the advancement of scientific knowledge and engineering practice. Numerical simulation enables the study of complex systems and natural phenomena that would be too expensive or dangerous, or even impossible, to study by direct experimentation.

M. Tech. in Manufacturing Engineering

This program focuses on the requirements of the manufacturing industry embracing the areas of production planning and control, design, materials, processes and quality control. The curriculum has been framed drawing course contents from traditional fields such as materials and processes, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and management. The syllabus for various courses has been designed in general to introduce the application of analytical and quantitative methods in manufacturing and to train the students to develop skills in the utilization of the modern tools such as simulation, optimization, statistical data analysis, and finite element analysis. During the course of study, the students will acquire knowledge and skills to solve practical problems encountered in manufacturing.

M. Tech. in Power Electronics

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M. Tech. in Bio-Medical Engineering

The aim of the post-graduate program in Biomedical Engineering is to integrate technology with the medical sciences in such a manner that the synergistic relationship between them can help evolve a better system for medical diagnosis, treatment, research and support systems. It is envisaged that at the end of the program, the student would be in a position to understand the fundamental biological and engineering processes involved as well as to develop creative ideas for the early detection and identification of various biological signals. It is also expected that the student of the program would be able to come up with algorithms for the successful and objective interpretation of biological data. The course deals with biomedical electronics, the quantitative and analytical skills required to interpret the data acquired and the processing of medical data including imaging and enhancement techniques. It is intended to equip the engineer with the skills, knowledge and jargon required to interact knowledgeably with medical practitioners so that both professions may benefit. It goes without saying that the program is interdisciplinary, drawing content from a variety of areas like chemistry, medicine, physics, electronics and mechanical engineering, to name a few. 

M. Tech. in Embedded Systems

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M. Tech. in Engineering Design

This program is designed to enable an engineering graduate to develop specific capabilities in design, synthesis and analysis of a wide variety of mechanical engineering systems. The program focuses on developing design methodologies which involve high degree of research orientation supplemented with practical insights. Besides core courses (which are mandatory), a variety of electives are also offered to suit the taste of each individual student so that he/she can specialize in a particular area of Engineering Design. The students are periodically assessed by the teachers who are experts in chosen areas of Engineering Design, to ensure quality of education. On the whole, the Masters Program is committed to produce design engineers with excellent creative capabilities and calibre to solve real life problems curtailing to industry requirements, in tune with the objectives envisioned by the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

B. Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) in Mechanical Engineering

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B. Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

B. Tech. in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is a four year professional undergraduate program offered by Amrita School of Engineering. The curriculum is designed to give emphasis on mathematics, electronics, (analog and digital), microprocessors and microcontrollers, transducers, fibre optics, computer programming, computer assisted measurements, and the latest instrumentation techniques. The focus is on the usage of computers for control. Embedded control, virtual instrumentation and instrumentation in core sector industries are also included in the course. A team of experienced faculty in analog and digital communications is conducting research in various aspects of communications.

Students are encouraged to come up with their own ideas and those ideas are materialized by the department into actual projects with societal impact. The students are also encouraged to publish their work based on the projects undertaken.

B. Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) in Electronics and Communication Engineering

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