The Department of Commerce and Management started functioning from the year 2006 and has been offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs that are industry and academic oriented, incorporating all the attributes applicable for a career and life.

The Department is occupied with well-educated and professional members of faculty with exceedingly superior academic facilities.

The programs offered by the Department are Bachelor of Business Administration (B. B. A.), Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com.) and Master of Commerce (M. Com.).

The annual intake of students for the degree programs in the Department is approximately 120.

Corporate Speak

Megha Chattopadhyay
Company: Allegis Services (India) Pvt.Ltd.

Megha Chattopadhyay, the 2012-2015 B. B. A., was appreciated for her dedicated work by Allegis Services (India) Pvt.Ltd. Panini Balaji, the Head of Human Resouce, Allegis Services (India) Pvt.Ltd , in a letter adddressed to Ms. Chattopadhyay, stated, "The grace and maturity with which she carries herself makes us believe that we will share a long and mutually fulfilling relationship together. To us, our people are not mere employees. They are individuals- each with their unique signatures; attempting to make the best use of their life. The ups, the downs, the excitement and the anticipation of a career is a big part of their life now... and we recognise the role we play in it. We are proud to be associated with Megha and hope to have a long and mutually rewarding association".

Panini Balaji
Head of Human Resouce
Allegis Services (India) Pvt.Ltd.