Amrita School of Arts and Sciences has its own unique ambience and resources. They all share the commitment to provide state-of-the-art facilities and diverse resources, as needed, to enable students to excel in their chosen fields.

Computer Labs

An Information Technology and Communications Services (ICTS) provides computing resources for research, academic and administrative needs. Students are allocated time in various computer labs for their course studies.

The state-of-the-art computing infrastructure includes:-

  • 3000 plus networked computers and 150 servers
  • Cloud based computing for servers
  • 8 Terabytes (TB) repository of audio and video lectures and documentaries
  • Enterprise class 50 TB storage area network with tape backups
  • 130 Mbps of Internet connectivity
  • Campus wide Wi-Fi
  • 65 seater computer based language lab
  • Digital Library with free internet access for academic use
  • Computer labs with a total of 800 computers
  • Video conferencing facility with ISDN and IP channels
  • Email facility for the students and service logins with antispam and antivirus support
  • SSL VPN for remote users

Central Library

The Central Academic Library is established to serve the students and the faculty with latest information, printed and non-printed reading materials and advanced technological resources such as web, on-line journals, full-texts, on-line books, reference sources, digital libraries as well as self-testing materials for education, self-directed learning and research. Amritapuri campus has a Central Academic Library spanning over a total of 15,000 square feet floor area. The library has access to various e-resources. The central library has a collection of over 30,000 volumes and subscriptions of 200 journals in print. Students have also access to thousands of International Journals from ASME, IEL, EBSCO, INSPEC, Emerald, Cambridge Online, Institute of Physics Journals, ERIC Database, ACM Digital Library and IBM Journal of Research and Development.

The Digital Repository (DSpace) collects, preserves and disseminates the research output of the faculty, staff and students of Amritapuri campus.

The Central Library provides access to text, bibliographic information and links to various web resources. The WAN connection connects the faculty members and student community to exchange knowledge in their fields of interest. The library has a comprehensive collection of books in all branches of engineering, applied sciences, IT, literature, humanities and social sciences. The library has a good collection of CD-ROM materials. The library also subscribes to a wide variety of national and international journals. The library has a collection of 24000 volumes.

Moreover, the library also subscribes to around 100 periodicals, which include several reputed international and national journals. Around 1200 CD-ROMs supplement this collection. Each year, on an average 3500 books are added to the collection. The library also holds a rich collection of books in humanities.

The Library uses Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Management System (AUMS), which is an in-house software developed by the institute to support all in-house operations of the Library. The AUMS software consists of modules on cataloguing, circulation, and OPAC with all the books being bar-coded. This library is also linked to the Ettimadai campus library though which faculty and students can access multifarious journals through the national library network, DELNET.

Vidya Digital Library

An on-line knowledge archive named VIDYA brings in quality teaching and learning material from some of the best universities and organizations in the world. The current archive volume of over 1.5 TB comprising of learning material in 22 core areas, including an extensive collection of audio / video lectures by renowned personalities. Vidya Digital library is also accessible through ISRO-Edusat link to Coimbatore campus. Online books and journals are available such as IBM Journal of Research and Development, IEEE, ACM archives, etc.

Institutional Repository

The Digital Repository collects preserves and disseminates the research output of the faculty, staff and students of Amritapuri Campus. It enables the Amrita community to deposit their pre-prints, publications, lecture notes etc. Using a web interface it organises these publications for easy retrieval. It is running on DSpace, an open source software which complies with the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) framework allowing publications to be easily indexed and searched by web search engines and other indexing services

Hostel Accomodation

Separate hostel facilities are provided for girls and boys. Students are provided with adequate amenities so as to make them feel at home. The stay in the hostel enables students to imbibe a different life-style and provides an opportunity to become involved in activities such as yoga, meditation, sports and music, as per their individual preferences.

Majority of the students studying in Amritapuri Campus are residential students. Students have the rare opportunity to experience Chancellor Amma's presence in their close midst.

All students, except those who stay with their parents within a radius of 30 km, are advised to stay in the hostels. Students are not allowed to live in rented houses or lodges, either alone or in groups.

Strict discipline is maintained in all hostels to ensure safety and security of the students. The resident warden of each hostel takes care to see that all needs of students are met. A completely balanced vegetarian diet catering to palate is served in the dining halls. Tobacco and other intoxicants are strictly prohibited on campus.Hostels provide a salubrious ambience and are equipped with required amenities. The right atmosphere is provided for intellectual stimulation and balanced growth.

Medical Services

The students can avail themselves of the services offered at AmritaKripa hospital situated in the Ashram premises and Ayurvedic hospital.

Amritakripa Hospital

Students avail services offered at Amritakripa hospital situated in the Ashram premises. A well-equipped 50-bed hospital, it has a two-bed intensive care unit also so that emergency cases may get the required medical attention. Visiting specialist doctors offer their services on many week days and weekends.

The hospital is linked to the 24/7 telemedicine service of AIMS Hospital. The telemedicine link allows transmission of patient medical records including images, besides providing a live two-way audio and video link, which, in case of an emergency enables a general practitioner at the health center to connect with a specialist from AIMS, who can give specific advice on the course of treatment to be followed.

Ayurvedic Hospital

A full-fledged hospital facility where ayurvedic treatment including panchakarma, is available, many students also consult the doctors here, if needed. Herbal medicines prepared in a traditional manner by the monastic disciples of M. A. Math are available at the pharmacy.


The Campus has facilities for outdoor and indoor games such as Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Billiards, Table tennis, Carom, Chess and Swimming pool. A gymnasium services is also available with a variety of resources which has a mesmeric attraction over most of our health conscious students, both boys and girls.


The Amritapuri campus provides the following facilities:- 

Banking Facilities: An extension of Dhanlaxmi Bank operates in the campus itself for the benefit of staff and students. A 24 hr ATM terminal is an added advantage.

Transport: Transport facility is available for the day scholars, faculty and staff. College bus service is available up to Kollam towards the southern direction and up to Harippad in the northern direction.

General Store: The general store in the Ashram premises caters to the needs of all in the campus. Stationery items and other domestic goods like eatables, dress materials, hand bags, sandals etc along with the products of the Math, are available in the store.

Reprographic and STD Services: Photocopying facility is made available to the students. Use of mobile phones in academic premises is strictly prohibited. To compensate this, phone booths with local/STD/ISD services are provided in the campus.

Canteen and Refreshments: Quality and tasty vegetarian food prepared in a hygienic environment, providing wholesome and balanced nutrition, is provided in the canteen. The students and staff can enjoy North Indian cuisine in addition to South Indian culinary delights. Canteen is open on all days from 7.00 AM to 7.00 PM, except on holidays.