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About the Department of Mass Communication

At the heart of all communication is the power to change lives. Aided by technology, communication can change the way we learn, work and interact with other people. At Department of Mass Communication we believe that we can communicate to make a difference; a better tomorrow. We aspire to impart to our students the value of communication, and the realization that they can make a difference.

To this end, ASCOM has a special focus in its curriculum; modules that concentrate on teaching life skills that create self-awareness and empower students, facilitating all-round development. Our studio & its lab facilities, exchange programs, internships and placement cells take care of the task of equipping our students with the necessary training, techniques and technology; while our faculty explore, research and find creative ways to share and impart knowledge.


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Placements in media and allied industries are based on portfolios and merit. Campus placements in both print and visual media are now gaining momentum, thanks to the proliferation of new channels, dailies and magazines seen in the recent years.

In addition, there are opportunities in new and upcoming career streams including marketing communications, web communications and animation. The School works with advertising agencies, newspaper publishing houses, the animation and graphic design industries, PR agencies, television news / entertainment channels, TV program production houses, corporate and visual communications departments for campus placements.

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