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Placements & Internship


Placements in media and allied industrial units are based and eligibility. Internship is mandatory for both the graduation and post-graduation students. The department assists students in getting internships.The graduation students undergo internships for 30 days, and the post-graduate students for up to 70 days. Most of the students are absorbed by the companies after completion of the internship. The department works with around 75 media houses to get internships. Internships provide students an opportunity to practice what they have learned in classrooms in real-life situations, and update themselves according to industry requirements.

Students are the most essential part of any education institution. Even after they move out of the campus with a certificate in hand, their status, as far as the institution is concerned, remain the same with an added prefix – former students!

At Amrita Vishwavidyapeetham, we strive to nurture a life-long bondage between students, teachers, and other staff by organising various programmes. An alumni meeting is one among them, and most looked after by everyone concerned. The former students have always expressed their willingness to help the institution in whatever way they can. They used to attend various programmes organised by the department, and at times, they themselves have come up with some activity that will help students. Such mutual interactions have augured well for the department to grow rich in experience. Every year the number of former students participating in alumni meeting organised by the department is increasing. Till date, around 500 students have passed out of the Department of Communication, and are part of various organisations around the world. It is amazing to see them find time to attend the alumni meeting whole-heartedly. The department always keep an open mind in implementing the suggestions from our former students.

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