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The undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Mass Communication offer critical academic perspectives and hands-on skill sets across various cutting-edge occupational streams in media studies and research. At the department of Mass Communication, we have a constantly evolving curriculum that is always in par with international standards. The syllabus is modelled around the UNESCO model curriculum for Mass Communication and blends media theory and media practice. The students are exposed to both intense classroom sessions as well as immersive learning through hands-on training and internships, media projects and industrial collaborations.

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The studio facilities and design labs decked up with edgy software requirements, make sure that the students are in pace with the technology-driven industry landscape. Students are encouraged to bring into their work human dignity, pluralism, social commitment and an Indian consciousness through on-field production and community interaction sessions. The University also provides its students, opportunities for International student exchange programs with top-ranking partner Universities abroad that have MoU arrangements with Amrita. Through these programs, students get to experience International academic exposure up to a period of 1 year, where the credits earned are transferable. By choosing the department as your academic destination, you’ve chosen to explore your creative spirits, to think critically and to employ your media skills ethically to bring a difference to the world.

Photography, Broadcast Media and Film Studies

What you can expect?
courses include modules on:

  • Photography, photo editing, photojournalism, ad photography, product photography, travel photography, lighting techniques
  • Video production, studio management, non-linear-editing, audio and video enhancement
  • Film criticism, film theory and analysis, film appreciation
  • Broadcast and film media projects: Student productions and industry collaborations aimed at portfolio building and industry connect.

What awaits you?
In-demand career opportunities connected to the area:

  • Photojournalism, photo editing, professional photography (wildlife, fashion, product, ad photography, travel, event), vlogging, blogging and entrepreneurship.
  • Television programme production, documentary and short-film production, television news reporting, video editor, news anchor, television show host, Video Jockey, Studio Management, interviewing, drone handling, fact checking and Fake news identification, Social media reels.
  • Film critics, film appreciation, film industry analysts, academic and industry research and other opportunities in film industry.

What you can expect?
courses include modules on:

  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Event Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Online and broadcast media projects related to ad films, developing web site content, developing social media presence for brands, CSR efforts for brands.

What Awaits you?
In-demand career opportunities connected to the area:

  • Content writing for e-commerce and other online business platforms
  • Advertising: Media buying, Print, online and broadcast advertisements (creatives), client relation, competitor and audience research, market analyst
  • Branding, event management, public relation, digital marketing strategist, marketing strategist, Corporate Social Responsibility strategist
  • Exhibition manager, event manager, freelance event coordination, media strategist
Multimedia and Online Journalism

What you can expect?
The conceptual and practical modules cover the following broad areas:

  • Practice and ethics of reporting and editing
  • Checking authenticity and credibility of sources, fact-checking
  • Multimedia story telling using photography and videography
  • News production, Studio production, non-linear-editing
  • News presentation skills, art of interviewing and histrionics
  • Journalism ethics, media laws and standards

What awaits you?
In-demand career opportunities connected to the area

  • Careers in online and broadcast journalism: Reporting and editing in various media houses, news anchoring, television show hosting
  • Copy writing, media analyst, documentary making,
  • Entrepreneurship in online news platforms
  • Freelance writing, editing and reporting
  • Vlogging and blogging, citizen journalism
Animation, Visual and Web Design

What you can expect?
Through the UG and PG programmes in Communication, the department offers modules on the following aspects of visual design, web design and animation.

  • Fundamental principles of animation and design
  • Typography
  • Website wireframing
  • UX (User Experience)/ UI (User Interface) design
  • Newspaper and magazine design and layout
  • Designing for various industrial needs

What awaits you?
In-demand career opportunities connected to the area

  • UX/UI designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Creative designers in ad agencies
  • Newspaper and magazine layout designers
Print Journalism

What you can expect?
Through the UG and PG programmes in Communication, the following aspects of print journalism.

  • Writing, reporting and editing skills
  • Current affairs and news analysis
  • Theoretical approaches to Journalism (Peace Journalism, Conflict journalism and environmental journalism, among others)
  • Journalism ethics, investigative journalism
  • Journalism laws, regulations and standards
  • Feature writing
  • Fact Checking and fake news identification

What awaits you?
In-demand career opportunities connected to the area

  • Reporter, news editor (Newspapers, online news platforms and news agencies)
  • Special correspondents, freelance writers, feature writers, magazine writers, authors
  • Investigative journalism, fact checking, fake news identification
  • News analysts, copy editing
Media Projects and Research Projects

Media Projects – What to expect:
Aimed at portfolio-enhancements and industry connect, media projects are flagship credit-based courses offered by the department. These projects hand-holds and initiates students into the professional work experience. Media projects require the students to choose an area of their calling, across broadcast and online fields. Further, the students collaborate with clients/ industry on a short-term project, where they are expected to employ what they have learnt in class to meet the client requirements. In many cases the Media projects result in extended internships and placements.
Research Projects – what to expect:
Research projects involve inter and multi-disciplinary academic explorations where the students take up topics related to media studies. The department offers excellent training in both qualitative and quantitative research with relevant software. Research work is encouraged even at the graduation level resulting in student-teacher collaborations and publications in internationally reputed journals.
What awaits you?
Job opportunities in the selected area of media project and research, academic and industry research, media analysts in IT and other corporate firms, research posts in NGOs, political analysts, news analysts, film critics

Allied Humanities courses

The ability to blend-in with the challenging demands of the media industry requires one to be comfortable in discussing about any given topic. The department, through a series of courses in various domains of humanities, social sciences, current affairs, soft-skills, and culture studies, shapes the curiosity, intellect and inter-disciplinary vigour of the students.

What to expect?

  • Presentation skills through inter-disciplinary seminars
  • Political communication
  • Cultural education
  • Economics
  • Amrita values programme
Open Electives

To further the inter-disciplinary perspectives of the students, the students are encouraged to undertake courses offered by other departments and schools of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore campus. These courses can be selected based on the student’s interest.

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