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The Amrita Masscom alumni is a thriving community, members of which have gone on to make their mark in both industrial and academic circuits alike. Their presence is all-pervasive in various media streams, that spans across print, broadcast, new media and marketing, apart from research and teaching.

In Amrita, the Alumni and the department, reciprocate in upholding a shared growth. The department and its alumni are tethered by a strong bond that is kept alive by several activities such as the annual alumni meet, the Alma Base initiative and workshops.

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Happy alumni are those who give back to their Alma mater. Alma Base is a unique initiative, where the alumni are involved in mentoring their juniors in various walks of professional life. The alumni mentors impart their experience and counsel in helping students prepare for interviews and competitive exams, for scholarships and job opportunities and also for honing their skills.

The department also organizes various workshops and guest-lectures by our alumni for the benefit of the current students.


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