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Computational Biosciences

Thematic Areas

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  • Bio-Algorithms
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Insilico Drug Discovery
  • Knowledge Graphs
  • Complex Networks
  • Machine Learning
  • Computational Genomics
  • Biomedical Image Processing

Our Vision

“Apply computational models and techniques to support research and development in bioscience related disciplines and provide solutions in the area of health care.”

Our Objective

To make an impact through Value Based Technical Education, Technology Innovation, Research and Service to Society.

Faculty Members

Computational Biosciences
Dr. Manjusha Nair

TAG Lead, Assistant Professor

Computational Biosciences
Dr. Geetha M.

Research Head

Computational Biosciences
Ms Ani R

Chairperson, CSA

Computational Biosciences
Ms. Jisha R C

Assistant Professor

Computational Biosciences
Dr. Indulekha T S

Assistant Professor

Computational Biosciences
Ms. Prathibhamol C. P.

Assistant Professor

Computational Biosciences
Asha Ashok

Assistant Professor

Computational Biosciences
Dr. S. Subbulakshmi

Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.)

Journal Article

In silico Prediction Tool for Drug-likeness of Compounds based on Ligand based Screening

Authors : Ani R., Anand, P.S., Sreenath, B., Deepa, O.S.

Publisher : International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Prediction of Parkinson’s disease from Voice Signals Using Machine Learning

Authors : Dr. Manjusha Nair M., Sreeja Sasidharan Rajeswari

Publisher : Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results

Predicting Autonomic Dysfunction in Anxiety Disorder from ECG and Respiratory Signals Using Machine Learning Models

Authors : Dr. Harilal Parasuram, Dr. Siby Gopinath, Dr. Manjusha Nair M., Abhilash Saj George, Arjun Vijayanatha Kurup, Parthasarathy Balachandran, Manjusha Nair, Anand Kumar

Virtual Screening of Drug Likeness using Tree Based Ensemble Classifier

Authors : Dr. Deepa Gopakumar O. S., Ani R., Manohar, R., and Anil, G.

Publisher : Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal

Conference Paper

Combinational Features with centrality measurements on GCN+LR classification of Adversarial Attacks in homogenous Graphs

Authors : Sai, Gutta Akshitha, Komma Naga Sai Likhitha, Maddi Pavan Kalyan, Perisetla Anjani Devi, Prathibhamol C. P.

Publisher : ACM

Speech Emotion Recognition Using Machine Learning Techniques

Authors : Dr. Manjusha Nair M., Sreeja Sasidharan Rajeswari, G. Gopakumar

Publisher : Springer

Modified rotation forest ensemble classifier for medical diagnosis in decision support systems

Authors : Ani R., Jose, J., Wilson, M., and Deepa, O. S.

Publisher : Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing

A Graph Based Algorithm for Clustering and Ranking Proteins for Identifying Disease Causing Genes

Authors : Dr. Indulekha T. S., S, A. G., and Sudhakaran, P

Publisher : International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI)

Design and Implementation of an Open-Source Browser-based Laboratory Platform for EEG Data Analysis

Authors : Dr. Bipin Kumar G. Nair, Dr. Shyam Diwakar, Dr. Manjusha Nair M., N. P. Ramachandran, Kurup, R. Ramachandr, Alphonse, J., Chellaiah, P., Manjusha Nair

Publisher : IEEE

Conference Proceedings

A Novel Method to Find the most Influential Node in a Complex Network

Authors : M.G. Harigovindan; M.S. Naveen; R.C. Jisha

Publisher : IEEE

Community Detection Using Graph Partitioning

Authors : R C Jisha; P S Indrajith; S Abhishek

Publisher : IEEE

Node Classification through Graph Embedding Techniques

Authors : Prathibhamol C. P., Pranathi, Karedla Sai

Publisher : IEEE

MFCC Based Audio Classification Using Machine Learning

Authors : Asha Ashok, B. Vimal; Muthyam Surya; Darshan; V.S. Sridhar; Asha Ashok

Publisher : IEEE

A Novel Approach Based on Associative Rule Mining Technique for Multi-label Classification (ARM-MLC)

Authors : Prathibhamol C. P., K. Ananthakrishnan, Neeraj Nandan, Abhijith Venugopal, and Nandu Ravindran

Publisher : Springer

Ensemble Machine Learning Approaches in Molecular Fingerprint based Virtual screening

Authors : Dr. Deepa Gopakumar O. S., Sreejesh Kumar, V.S., Aparna, K., Ani, R., Deepa, O.S

Publisher : IEEE

A Covid-19 Study and Forecasting

Authors : Asha Ashok, Mohan, S., Rajendran, A., Ajith, K., Varma, K.

Publisher : IEEE

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