The Department offers a B.Tech. program in Electronics and Communication Engineering and a M.Tech. degree in VLSI Design.

The faculty team consists of experts from the industry and academia. The department is highly praised for its activities in the technical front, contributing highly towards the development of cutting edge technologies and professionals. While building a solid foundation of the fundamentals, the students are also exposed to emerging trends in the industry and are molded to be quality professionals of the future.

Classes are also delivered by experts from various partner universities around the world through the e-learning network as well as in the form of workshops and seminars.

The courses are practice oriented and encourage the students to undertake real-time projects and actively participate in worldwide technical conferences and workshops and present their work in many of them.

A large number of resident faculty members in the campus and a good student-teacher relationship empower the students to have frequent discussions and brainstorming sessions on innovative ideas for projects and research work.

The curriculum is organized such that it enables students to get a strong foundation on various aspects of Electronics and Communication Engineering such as Digital Systems Design, Electromagnetic Theory, Digital Signal Processing, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Electronic Circuits, VLSI Design, Digital Communication, Analog Communication, Control Engineering, and Microwave Engineering.

The graduate and undergraduate curriculum offers a wide variety of electives focusing on various aspects of VLSI design for students to choose from. Some of the electives include Integrated Circuit Fabrication Technology, CMOS IC Design, Advanced Digital Design and HDLs, USB System Architecture and Design and Superscalar Processor Architecture.

The students are also provided an opportunity to choose specialization electives to focus on their identified areas of interest such as Embedded Systems, Wireless Communication, Satellite Communication, Biomedical Signal Processing, VLSI fabrication technology, Speech Processing, Optical Communication. The curriculum and syllabus are on par with IITs and leading international universities and are frequently updated to reflect the latest trends in the field.