The Department actively promotes research andprovides the faculty and students with opportunities to delve into high-quality research projects, and sponsorships projects, leading to research publications, articles and book chapters.


Award of Excellence- Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

For the outstanding contributions that are made by our faculty in research and academics, they have been conferred with various recognitions as listed below:

  • Dr. Sundar Gopal(2014) and Br. Karthi(2013)  received for Journal Publications
  • Dr. Bhibhu Datta (2015):  For having received funding of Rs. 153.7 Lakhs towards research.
  • Dr. Rajesh Kannan : 2011  - For having received various funded projects.
                                : 2013 - 'IEEE Outstanding Branch Counselor and Advisor Award' from IEEE, NJ, USA
  • Br. Karthi (2011): Towards coaching students appearing for GATE.

Reviewer/Editor for reputed journals and conferences

  • Dr. Shaikshavali C is a reviewer for many journals and conferences such as:
    • Reviewer for Journals
      1. Signal processing,
      2. International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
    • Reviewer for Conferences
      1. European Control Conference
      2. IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
      3. American Control Conference
      4. World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control
  • Dr. Bibhudatta Sahoo is the reviewer for some of the International Journals and conferences such as :
    • Reviewer for Journals:
      1. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems - I (TCAS I),
      2. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems – II (TCAS II)
    • Reviewer for Conferences:
      1. 27th International Conference on VLSI Design,IIT Mumbai, 2014,
      2. 18th National Conference on Communications (NCC), 2012, IIT Kharagpur.
    • Editor
      1. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems - I (TCAS II)
  • Dr. Purushothaman A is also a reviewer for journals such as:
    • Reviewer for Journals:
      1. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems.,
      2. IEEE Transactions on VLSI
      3. Circuits, systems and Signal processing, Springer.

Other Category

Dr. Shaikshavali C is a member of a couple of Local organizing committee such as IEEE International Conference on Control and Fault-Tolerant Systems, 2013, Nice, France. IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems and Control, 2014, Antibes, France.

In 2015, two of our faculty members, Mr. Athul Shaji and Ms. Gayathri N have received Vishwesaraya Scholarship for research offered by Department of Electronics and Information Technology and Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Dr. Nithin Nagraj, has the prestigious position of Adjunct faculty (Honorary), School of Natural Sciences and Engineering, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Indian Institute of Science Campus, Bangalore (July 2012 - current).

Dr. Nithin Nagraj is also the reviewer for numerous International Journals and Transactions such as:

  • IEEE Transactions (Image Processing; Information Forensics & Security)
  • European Physics Journal
  • International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos
  • Journal of Theoretical Biology, of Information Sciences (Elsevier)
  • CSIT (Computer Science and Information Technology)(Springer)
  • CHAOS (American Institute of Physics)
  • CNSNS (Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation) (Elsevier),
  • International Journal of Imaging
  • EURASIP Journal of Information Security
  • ActaApplicandae, Mathematicae (Springer)
  • Computers and Mathematics with Applications (Elsevier)
  • Mathematical Problems in Engineering (Hindawi)
  • Journal of Franklin Institute (Elsevier) and
  • Journal of Information Sciences (Elsevier)

Dr. Nithin Nagraj received the prestigious award – "Rapid Grant for Young Investigators" (RGYI), from Dept. of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Tech., Govt. of India during 2010-2013.

Mr. Rajesh Kannan was appointed as the reviewer of the conference GHTC (Global Humanitarian Technology Conference)-2012. He was been also awarded the "Outstanding Branch Counselor" given by IEEE Kerala Section in 2012.

Dr. Sundar Gopal, Dr. Nithin Nagraj, and Bri. Remya, were awarded the "Certificate of Recognition" by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham for publishing in International Journals during the academic year 2011 (July 2011 – May 2012) .

IEEE Kerala Section has bestowed a "Special Recognition Award" on Mr. Rajesh Kannan in 2011. Dr. Sundar Gopal, Dr. Nithin Nagraj, Mr. Karthi B. and Mr. Ramesh Bhakthavatchalu received "Certificate of Recognition for contribution to research" in Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in 2011.

Mr. Rajesh Kannan Megalingam received the "Outstanding Contribution to Technical Projects Award" given by IEEE Kerala Section in 2009.

Funded Projects

  1. "Bandpass Delta-Sigma - ADC for Multi-standard Wireless Application", funded by Analog Devices India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India with project grand of Rs. 8 Lakhs, PI : Dr. Bibu Dutta Sahoo .

  2. "Development of a high resolution Hybrid Superconductor and Semiconductor ADC", funded by HypresInc, New York, USA, with an assistance of Rs. 43 lakhs, PI : Dr. Bibu Dutta Sahoo .

  3. "Mathematical modeling of population dynamics of Drosophila Melanogaster", funded by Department of Bio-technology, Govt. of India. The project is being carried out by Dr. Nithin Nagraj (in collaboration with IISER Pune) with a funding amount of Rs. 6.38 Lakhs, PI : Dr. Nithin Nagraj.

  4. IEEE Standards Education Committee, NJ, USA funded prjects, PI : Mr. Rajesh Kannan
    • Comparative Study and Implementation of JPEG & JPEG2000 Standards for Satellite Meteorological Imaging Controller in HDL.

    • Wireless Gadget for Home-bound Patients (using IEEE standard1073 for Medical Device Communications).

    • Intelligent Home Navigation System (IHNS) for the elderly and the physically challenged (with a grant US $7520).

    • Assistive Technology for Pregnant Women Health Care: Rural, Mobile Ultrasound Scan System ($800).
  5. Along with this Amrita University has funded a project named "Robo Coconut Tree Climber".



  • "Method and apparatus for segmenting structure in CT Angiography" , US PAT# 7, 676, 257, issued on March 9, 2010, Co-Inventor: Dr. Nithin Nagraj.

  • "Graph extraction labelling and visualization", US PAT# 7, 719, 533, issued on May 18, 2010, Lead-inventor: Dr. Nithin Nagraj.


Students Achievements

Technical Competitions

  • One Moment of Robot Glory (OMRG) Asia 2016, Robotics Contest, Singapore.
    ECE students from Amritapuri campus won the largest numbers of prizes in Open Category (four prizes) and one prize in 'Under 18' category at the OMRG 2016 Robotics Contest held in Singapore on Feb 21,2016. There were a total of twenty one teams selected for the final round from different countries.
    • The robotic coconut tree climber named ‘Amaran’ won the Best Mechanical Design Award – “Amaran”. All students involved in this were third year B. Tech ECE students from Amritapuri campus: Sarath Kumar , G Sriharsha, Vignesh S, SuryaTeja, Vishnu R, S Venkatraj and Sai Kumar.
    • ClePa”, a staircase cleaning robot was adjudged the  Best Marketable Design Award .  All students involved in this were first year B. Tech ECE students from Amritapuri campus: Abhijeet prem, Aditya J, Aravind Hari, Bharath S and Arjun P.
    • An autonomous room cleaning robot named ‘Swachak’, won the second prize in the under-18 category. All students involved in this were first year B. Tech ECE students from Amritapuri campus: Aniketh Das, Pavanth Kumar, Aswin S, and P N V K Naveen.
      Other  prizes won in the open category include:
    • Second Prize – “Gesture based Navigational Platform” (Third year B. Tech ECE students from Amritapuri campus: Arsha V, Aparna P T A, Parvathy Gopal and G Akhil).
    •  Fifth Prize – “Hand Orthosis Robot for stroke patients”  (Third year B. Tech ECE students from Amritapuri campus: B Likhith, G Rajesh, Nirmal Elamon, Vinu S and N Vignesh)


  • Mars Rover Challenge
    A team comprising of students from both mechanical an ECE of B.Tech ECE students were selected for participation in the 9th International University Rover Challenge 2015 held at the Mars Desert Research Center, Hanksville, Utah, USA during May 26-30, 2015. They also received a funding amount of Rs 6.2 Lakh by Protocase USA (a MNC) for the project Mars Rover Project.
    • The University Rover Challenge (URC) is the world's premier robotics competition for college students held annually in the desert of southern Utah in the United States. The challenge is to design and build the next generation of Mars Rover that will one day work alongside human explorers in the field. The selection procedure was based on a Critical Design Review (CDR) which involves a video presentation of the built design and hardware realization of Mars Rover.
    • Twenty three teams from various countries were selected for the final round presentation and out of which five teams were from India. The students for this project were guided by Arjun B, a 2014 B. Tech ECE passout, who was that time working as a Research Assistant in Mechatronics and Intelligent System Research Lab(MISRL), Amritapuri Campus. ECE students who were eligible for the final round are: Arjun B Krishnan, Unnikrishnan V J, Deepu Prasad Mathew, Chinmaya Krishna Tilak, Ragesh Ramachandran , Amal Suresh, and Aswath Suresh.


  • AMS Best M. Tech project award 2015
    • Austria Microsystems (A VLSI company in Hyderabad) awarded Rs 10,000 along with a “Best Project Award” each for two final year students of M.Tech VLSI: Saranya Kannan for the project titled “Design of secure logic BIST blocks for SOC testing”, and Prasanth Krishna for the project titled “ Design of OpAmps in FinFETs”. The name of the award is “Dr Martin Schrems Award"
    • The company also awarded a one year internship for three first year M.Tech VLSI students: Harini K, K V Manoj, Anjali Gopinath. The students are currently in AMS completing their internship and M.Tech final year project and they were offered job in the same company.


  • Richard E Marvin scholarship Over the past years several of our students have been honoured with the prestigious Richard E. Marvin scholarship from the IEEE Computer Society in recognition of exemplary involvement in student chapter activities and academic excellence.
    • Tom Charly, Goutham P and Athul Balan of 2014 B.Tech pass out batch have won the coveted Richard E. Merwin Scholarship Award from IEEE Computer Society, Washington D.C., USA. They received an amount of USD 1150 each. Tom Charly was also chosen as Student Ambassador of IEEE CS
    • • Ramesh N Nair of 2012 B.Tech ECE graduated batch received Richard E Marvin scholarship of USD 1500 from the IEEE Computer Society. Also, he was chosen as Student Ambassador of IEEE CS to Region 2 MGAB (Region 2 includes 8 states of Eastern USA).
  • Mentor Graphics University Design Contest For the three consecutive years 2013,2012 and 2011 our B.Tech ECE students have won prize in Mentor Graphics University Design Contest from the renowned Mentor Graphics CAD tool company


    • First Prize: 2013 for the project “ Image Comparison and Matching using FPGA”. Students involved in this were: Goutham P, Vivek J, Moury G, Athul Balan and Athul A T, all are B.Tech ECE students graduated in 2014. They received a cash prize of Rs. 1,50000
    • Second Prize: 2011 for the project “Satellite Image Transceiver for Natural Disaster Alert” Rizwin Shooja, Ajay Mohan, Vineeth Mohan, Paul leons: 2012 B.Tech ECE graduated batch
    • Third Prize: 2012 for the project “FPGA based Security System” Ananthakrishnan P R and Deepak Dileep : 2013 B.Tech ECE graduated batch
  • Texas Instrument Innovation Challenge 2015 (Semi Finals)
    • A team of final year B. Tech ECE students (graduated in 2015), Nihil Sahoo, Chinmaya Krishnan Tilak, Jeevan NR and Aswath S were qualified for the semi final round of “Texas Instrument Innovation Challenge 2014” for the project “An Intelligent Brain Controlled Humanoid Robot”.
  • Best Paper Awards
    • Research Paper tiltled "Heal-Well: Health and Wellness Monitoring gadget for Home Bound Elders" won the second prize at student paper contest held as a part of Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC) 2013, San Jose, USA. Goutham P, Vivek J, Mourya G and Ajithesh Gupta, all are 2014 B.Tech ECE graduated students
    • Ajithesh Gupta, Uday Dutt and Hithin Sushruth of 2014 pass out batch won third prize for the project “Robotic Arm” in 2013 GHTC student poster contest held at San Jose, USA, on October 20-23, 2013.
    • These students have also won the Second Runner up prize of USD 150 in the IEEE R10 UG Student Paper Contest 2013, titled "Prosthetic Arm Control for Quadriplegics and Arm Amputees". The award was given at the IEEE Region10 (R10) Student Congress held at Hyderabad
  • IEEE Student Enterprise Award
    2012 – 2013 Recipients
    • Vivek J, Mourya G, Athul A T of 2014 B.Tech pass out batch received IEEE Student Enterprise Award 2013 under Region10, for the project titled “PULSS: Portable Ultrasound Scan System for Low Resource Settings”.
      2011 – 2012 Recipients
    • Goutham P, Vivek J, Mourya G, Athul AT of 2014 B.Tech pass out batch received this for the project titled “"HOPE: Wireless gadget for Home Bound Elders” with a cash prize of USD-1500
      2010–2011 Recipients
    • Vineeth R, Deepak Krishnan, Denny C Jacob, Akhil K S of 2012 B.Tech pass out batch received this for the Project titled “"HOPE: Wireless gadget for Home Bound Elders” with a cash prize of USD-1500.
  • Mars Habitat Design Contest
    • Tom Charly, Anandkumar Mahadev, Ashis Pavan and Sanjay S of 2014 B. Tech ECE pass out secured Third place in All Kerala ‘Mars Habitat Design contest’ conducted by ISRO,VSSC and ISSU held in connection with World Space Week 2011 at VSSC, Trivandrum- Kerala.
  • TIDE Awards
    • A group of 2014 B.Tech pass out students Athira S, Ushma Unnikrishnan, Sreeja K, Neha, Goutham P,Vivek J, Mourya G, Rocky Katoch, Pranav S V, Raghavendra M, Rithun Raj K and K Raviteja got 2013 Bright Idea Award (worth Rs. 3000) and 2013 Innovation Seed Grant (Rs. 25000) for the project titled PULSS: Prenatal Ultrasound Scan for Low resource Settings as part of Amrita TIDE Awards, TBI, Amritapuri
  •   Mr. Rajesh Kannan, Mr.Deepu K. B., Mr. Iype J. P., Mr. Parthasarathy R., Mr. Gautham P., "Power consumption analysis of direct, set associative and phased set associative cache organizations in alpha AXP 21064 processor", 2010 Communications in Computer and Information Science, 70, 114 - 119 (Book Chapter).
  • Mr. Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Mr. Mithun Muralidharan Nair, Mr. Rahul Srikumar, Mr. Venkat Krishnan Balasubramanian, Mr. Vineeth Sarma and Mr. Venugopala Sarma, "Novel Variance based Spatial Domain Watermarking and its Comparison with DIMA and DCT based Watermarking Counterpart", Book: Matlab, ISBN 979-953-307-124-3, INTECH Open Access Publishers, University Campus, STePRi, Croatia, 2011 (Book Chapter).
  • Mr. Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Mr. Manoj Prakhya, Mr. Ramesh Nammily Nair, and Mr. Mithun Mohan, "Intelligent Home Navigation System for the Elderly and Physically Challenged", Book: Autonomous Robots: Control, Sensing and Perception, Editors: Edgar A. Martinez-Garcia and Luz Abril Torres-Mendez, Cuvillier-Verlag, Cuvillier Verlag Oct 2011, ISBN: 978-3-86955-866-0 Germany 2011 (Book Chapter).
  • Mr. Ramesh N Nair of 2012 batch of ECE graduates, has won the coveted Richard E. Merwin Scholarship Award from IEEE Computer Society, Washington D. C., USA, for his exemplary involvement in IEEE student chapter activities and his excellent academic achievement. Also, he was chosen as Student Ambassador of IEEE CS to Region 2 MGAB (Region 2 includes 8 states of Eastern USA).

  • The students won the coveted prize from Mentor Graphics University Design contest 2012 of US $1000, on Dec 14th, 2012 during the International Mentor Graphics user conference User2User India 2012, at Vivanta by Taj, Bangalore. In 2011 a team from Amritapuri Campus had won a prize in this contest.
  • Mr. Ramesh N. Nair, Mr. Sai Manoj P. and Mr. Mithun Mohan of 2008-2012 batch won Second prize in the regional IEEE R10 Paper Presentation Contest 2011 for their paper titled "Gesture Based Wheel Chair Control for the Physically Challenged." They won US $200 as their prize.

  • Mr. Ajay, Mr. Paul Leons, Mr. Rizwin and Mr. Vineeth received Accenture Tech Vision Special Winner Award in Yahoo Accenture Innovation Jockeys contest in April 2012.

  • Mr. Mithun, Mr. Ramesh and Mr. Sai Manoj bagged First Prize under the Home Category in Yahoo Accenture Innovation Jockeys contest in April 2012.

  • Mr. Ramesh N Nair of our 2012 ECE passed out batch, Chaired the student poster presentation session at GHTC and he received sponsorship from GHTC to attend the same.

  • Amrita IEEE Student Branch has won the prestigious IEEE Student Enterprise Award for the project "HOPE: Wireless gadget for Home Bound Elders" for the year 2011 - 2012.

  • As a recognition to the extensive work rendering to IEEE, Mr. Ramesh Nair has been awarded the IEEE Kerala Section SAC Excellence Award in 2011.

  • The students received the "Best Demo Award" for the project "Intelligent Home Navigation System (IHNS) for the elderly and the physically challenged" in the International Conference on Wireless Technologies for Humanitarian Relief (ACWR2011).

  • Ms. Athira, Ms. Sreeja, Ms. Neha, Ms. Ushma of ECE won the 3rd prize in "International IBM/IEEE Smarter Planet Challenge Contest" in 2011.

  • Best New-Comer Award, Infosys, Preetha Sampath of 2011 ECE Graduate was awarded as the best fresher recruit in her work for Infosys (Client: Juniper Networks) in Pune.

  • Jayashree Muralidharan of 2011 ECE graduate received Award for outstanding performance in Infosys, also nominated for INSTA unit level award at Infosys.

  • IEEE student members won the first and second prizes at the "Humanitarian Technology Challenge Student Poster Competition," conducted as part of International Conference on Humanitarian Technology Challenges of the 21st Century, held in Feb 2010.

  • Mr. Hareesh S., Mr. Navneeth K., Mr. Akash P. and Mr. Vivek Vijayan won the first prize that included a cash award of Rs. 5000/‐ and a certificate of appreciation. The student's poster depicted a Robotic Coconut Tree Climber.

  • Mr. Ramesh N. Nair and Mr. Sai P. Manoj were awarded the second prize, a cash award of Rs. 3000/‐ and a certificate of appreciation, for their Wireless Vehicular Accident Detection and Reporting System.

  • Mr. Venkat Krishnan and Mr. Vineeth Sharma of 2006 - 2010 batch won the first prize in a contest to determine the Best Hardware Engineer, beating nearly 30 ‐ 40 other student teams that competed in a tech fest conducted by SCMS Engineering College, Kochi, in Feb 2010.

  • Mr. Nikhil Krishnan of 2006 - 2010 batch secured fourth rank at the All India level in the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) exam for admission to M. Tech. programs.

  • Amrita’s Chakshuyaan, (vehicle‐with‐eyes), was adjudged the Best Project at "TechTop 2009, A National Contest for Engineering Students" conducted by Techno park, Trivandrum in 2009. Over 200 teams participated from all over India. Mr. Shibesh Dutta and Ms. Vandana Vikram won the first Prize in the contest. The team carried home a cash award of Rs. 1 lakh.

  • Mr. Shibesh Dutta and Ms. Vandana Vikram won 2nd prize in the program "Young Innovators" category in a National Innovation Fair, "India Innovation Initiative, (I3)" conduced by IIT Delhi in Oct 2009.

  • Ms. Sowmya Narayan, alumini, (2004 - 2008 batch) was awarded the Wipro Prodigy Award for excellence at work. Only two or three new hires are given this award of the thousands of the people Wipro recruits annually. The only requirement is that they should have made some extraordinary contribution, while working on a project. Soumya was part of the VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits) Team at Wipro that was working on a client project for NEC Global, one of the world’s leading providers of Internet, broadband network and enterprise business solutions.