Mechanical engineering involves the analysis, design, manufacturing. and maintenance of various systems such as manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, motor vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, robotics and even medical devices.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Amritapuri campus was started in 2004.The Department offers a B.Tech. program in mechanical engineering. Over 200 students are currently enrolled in this undergraduate program.

The competent and committed faculty in the department have extensive academic, research and industrial experience. The department also has a team of dedicated and highly experienced supporting staff to help the students in the laboratories.

Research areas include nano fabrication and nano precision optics. In addition, research is conducted in various fields of Mechatronics such as Robotics, Automation and Computer Integrated Manufacturing.
Students of the department are encouraged to read and publish papers in journals even at the undergraduate level.

They are encouraged to work on projects, either individually or on teams. For example, Chakshuyaan or vehicle-with-eyes, a recent student project, that also saw participation from other departments, won top awards in many national-level competitions.

The department is proud to have some of the most sophisticated lab equipment available today, in its state-of-the art laboratories. A dedicated team of lab staff is available to guide students in the laboratory course work. In addition to the campus library, the department has an extensive departmental library with books and subscriptions to current journals.