The engineering discipline of mechanical engineering developed from the application of principles of physics and materials sciences.
The Department offers a B.Tech. program in Mechanical Engineering. Over 200 students are currently enrolled in this undergraduate program. Even at the undergraduate level, students are encouraged to read papers published in journals. They are encouraged to participate in conferenced and present papers. At a recent tech fest conducted by NIT Calicut, TATHVA-09, Aditya, a second-year students presented a paper titled CPLD Based Robot Control. Aditya won the third prize for this paper presentation. Students are encouraged to work on projects, either individually or on teams. The Chakshuyaan or vehicle-with-eyes project was adjudged as the best student project in many national-level competitions. A team of third-year students, Harisnakar M., Viswanathan, Mrinal Vellodi, won the second prize for their project -- Chemical Car at a recent tech fest.