The department of CSE has set up a few labs in order to carry out research in the identfied thrust areas. These labs have facilites to conduct research at all levels. Students from Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes are actively involved in this lab to do research. Also research scholars and faculty members guide these students to do research in these labs. We aim at setting up a reseach hub that would eventually become a center of excellence.

Embedded Systems Lab

The Embedded Systems lab supports teaching and research in embedded systems for PG and UG students. It is a well equipped lab with state of the art equipments. Equipments in the lab are ARM7 kits 25 in number, ARM9 kit, ARM CORTEX-M3, with peripherals like A/D converter, D/A converter, Elevator control, traffic light control, real time clock, stepper motor interface, DC motor interface, keypads, and LCD displays and lab is supported with 30 computer systems.

The lab is also equipped with FPGA kits for research in reconfigurable computing and for teaching purpose as well. It has CPLD kits 25 in number, Spartan3 kits 25 in number, Spartan6 kits 4 in number, and a Virtex5 kit. The lab also supports image processing research with a DEV 8000 evaluation kit and Embest university package.

Robotics is another research area the lab supports. The lab has a wheeled robot and an aqua bot which is an in-house built along with many mobile robots used for teaching purpose. The lab is supporting building of a Humanoid robot as part of its research activity.