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Excellent infrastructure consisting of well-equipped laboratories, spacious classrooms, libraries and reading rooms provides the right platform for students to nurture and nourish their talents and skills.

Central Library

The Library of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bangalore, established in the year 2002, serves as a knowledge hub with a diverse collection of print and e-resources.

The library holds a significant role in the dissemination of knowledge within academic institutions. It serves as a reflection of the educational quality provided by the institution, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a conducive environment. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham’s Bangalore campus has acknowledged and actively pursued the cultivation of academic vibrancy within its library since its establishment. The library section of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bangalore campus was shifted to its new premises in the New Block, fourth floor on 22nd December 2011. The library was formally inaugurated on 28th December 2011 by the Director Br. Dhanraj. The event was graced by Associate Dean, Dr. Rakesh S.G. and other staff members.

The current location of the library is well planned and is very spacious with a total area of 16,550 Sq.ft. The well stacked racks are user friendly. The huge reading halls of Reference & Periodical section are very inviting. A special zone has been singled out for the Digital library section. The well-furnished and illuminated ambiance is very serene and encourages the students to pursue their academic and research activities.


The Library aims to put the motto: “Books are for use”, into practice. The library houses Text books, Reference books, Print & E-Journals, Technical magazines, General magazines, Dailies, CD’s & DVD’s, Course materials, Question papers, Project reports, Bound volumes, Faculty publications, Placement materials, In-plant training materials etc., We take pride in saying that we have very good collection of books. Added to this, we have a wide collection of general books which help to increase the knowledge of our students in different fields.

At present, the library holds about 45,880 + Collection of which, 36,000 books,  3,101 CDs & DVD’s, 2000 Back Volumes of Journals, 2000 Project Reports, 109 Engineering Journals, 46 Management Journals, 31 Technical Magazines, 65 General Magazines and 2,500+ e-Journals, e-Magazines, Conference proceedings and 28 Dailies etc.

Library is a core member of AICTE Consortium set up by MHRD. Approximately 500+  e-journals subscribed through the consortium. Apart from the online journals provided by AICTE consortium the library has purchased license to access more than 1300 online Journals to support research activity.

Library Website and Open Access System

As everyone knows, the basic aim of a good library is to disseminate knowledge. Advances in technology have facilitated the designing of new library software thereby making the delivery of information quicker, convenient and efficient than ever before. We already had a well-established library website with a memorable URL for our Bangalore campus.  The goal of this website is to provide research based guidelines to user community.

Visit Website

The Central Library has been modernized to provide computerized services to academic community at large. The Central library is automated with integrated library management software package called Libsoft. This technology offers fastest, easiest, most efficient way to track, locate, transaction and manage library materials. WEB OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) allows users to search all materials available in the library collection. and users can search the documents through OPAC-ONLINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOGUE by Title wise; Author wise; Subject wise etc,. We are following OPEN ACCESS system and users can select the required books directly from the shelf for reference & borrowing purpose.

User Education

The Central Library, as the service provider, arranges regular user education programs for B. Tech., M. Tech., Executive MBA, and MBA students. In this program, the library educates students about the resources and services it offers.

E- Journals subscribed under AICTE Consortium (Engineering)

The Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bangalore campus is a core member of AICTE Consortium set up by MHRD.

  • E-Journals access is open to unlimited, concurrent users.
  • Access is open across the Campus.
  1. IEEE-ASPP + POP Select
  2.  Springerlink
  3.  ASME Digital Collection
  4. J-Gate (Engineering & Technology)
  5. ASTM International
  6.  Access Engineering (McGraw-Hill)  and
  7.  ScienceDirect (Elsevier Publication):

Apart from the online journals provided by AICTE consortium, the Institution Head Quarters library has purchased license to access more than 1300 online Journals to support research activity.
E- Journals (Management)

The Central Library of Institution Head Quarters has purchased license to access management related e-journals for our campus.Details as follows:

  • Business source complete from EBSCO
  • India Business Insight Databases (IBID)
  • ABI/INFORM Complete (Proquest)
  • CABELL’s Directory
  • J-Gate (Management)
  • Crisil Research

SUNNY BUFFALO University E-Resources

As part of the Indo-US program, the campus has access to digital collection of State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo. Through this link users can access thousands of International Journals from IEEE, Science Direct, Springerlink, EBSCO, Emerald, ACM Digital Library, etc…

Vidya Digital Library

VIDYA Digital Library has a large stock of e-resources stored and mirrored for access to users in all campuses of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. This is a local server deployed in our campus. This can be accessed from any of the computers inside the campus. This contains a huge collection of tutorial materials which we have Collected from different universities across the globe which includes Video and Audio lectures of various topics in engineering as well as non engineering. The total volume currently is 1.6 terabyte….

DELNET-New Delhi (ILL/Resource Sharing)

The library is a member of the DELNET. The library maintains excellent relations with a number of major Institutions and libraries in India through DELNET , for exchange of books, journals articles for the mutual benefit of the users. It provides the delivery of individual books and journal-articles, as and when required by the member-libraries…

Admission to the Library

All Students of the college are admitted as members of the library. Library membership forms are available at library. For using library facility, students are requested to sign the login register, which is kept in the library entrance. Every member shall be required to deposit his/her personal belongings at the counter kept at the entrance. Entrance to library is not permitted without ID card.

Library Advisory Committee

Library Advisory Committee is functioning to look into all aspects of continual improvement of the library activities, so that the library and its facilities achieve a fair degree of acceptability amongst the users. This Committee, co-coordinated by a senior professor of the institute, as the chairman, has faculty-representatives and student-nominees as members; the librarian is the ex-officio convener of the committee.

Book Exhibition/ Bookshop visit

Every semester, we are conducting Book exhibition / Bookshop visit for the benefit of our faculties, staffs and students community.

Best Practices in Library

  • Library Website & Web OPAC
  • Overnight issue of Reference books
  • Online book reservation facility
  • Book exhibitions  / Book shop visits
  • Orientation cum Demo  program for using library resources
  • Resource sharing / ILL service through DELNET-New Delhi
  • Off campus services through e-mail (For Faculty & Staff members)
  • Tracing register for misplaced books
  • Library Apprenticeship Trainee program for Diploma students
  • Internship Trainee program for Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham students
  • Faculty lounge
  • Faculty publication corner

Suggestion box

The suggestion box kept in the entrance of the library is frequently used for eliciting not only complaints but constructive suggestions for improvement of library services. Valid feedback obtained through this source is promptly followed.

Donations to the library

This library accepts donations of books, Journals, Magazines, special publications, audio-visual aids etc.,

Services & Facilities

  • Book Circulation Services
  • Reference service / Referral Service
  • Library Website & WEB OPAC facility
  • Online Access to e-resources
  • VIDYA Digital Library
  • Inter Library Loan facilities (through DELNET)
  • Access and Issue of CD-ROMs
  • Newspapers & General Magazines
  • Reading Hall facility
  • Exhibitions / Book shop visits
  • Off campus service through e-mail
  • Online Book reservation facility
  • SC/ST Book Bank facility
  • Overnight issue of Reference books
  • Suggestion box
  • Reprographic and colour Printer services


Library Working Hours Reading Hall
Monday to Friday 08:00 AM to 10:00 PM 08:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Saturday 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM 08:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Holidays 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM 09:00 AM to 12:00 AM

About Library Staff Members

The day-to-day functions of the Central library are efficiently managed by a team headed by a Qualified Librarian. He is supported by an Assistant Librarian along with a team of well trained library staff.
Contact us

For queries mail to          :

Phone                            :      080-25183700 Extn: 710

Information, Communication and Technology Services (ICTS)

About the Department

The IT enabled services play an important role in creating professionals with strong technical knowledge. The Information, Communication and Technology Services (ICTS) department was formed to provide and coordinate the IT enabled services at Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore campus primarly.It also acts as an IT hub for the different institutions run by Mata Amritananda mayi Math all over karnataka like Amrita Mahavidyalayam (The Arts and Science College), Amrita Vidyalayams (Schools)The department is responsible for the maintenance and service of internet, intranet, Wi-Fi networks, AUMS software and uninterrupted power supply and procurement of computing facilities, communication equipments, audio-visual equipments, e-learning facilities etc. The department has sufficient and well qualified staff for this purpose.

Computing facility

Design, setting up and maintenance of all computer laboratories are done by the ICTS department. ICTS identifies all the software requirements for various computer labs and install them. The upkeep of all computers is also done by the department. The minimum configuration of the computer starts with Pentium IV. Currently the campus has a total number of 593 computers.

Computer hardware training

A Computer Hardware Practical session is offered by the ICTS department as part of the engineering curricula. At the end of the course the students are assessed by assignments, Viva etc.


The following servers are deployed in the campus.

1 Mail Server Link
2 AUMS Server University Management System
3 Oracle Server Database Management System
4 NIS Server Centralized Storage System
5 Proxy/DHCP Server IP Management/ Internet
6 Censornet Server Firewall for Internet Access
7 Vidya Server Digital Library
8 Anti virus/Software Server/ Intranet Server Web Site of Student’s Club
9 Thin Client Server Disk less node’s Server
10 Result Publishing Server For publishing the Result through Internet

Maintenance of AUMS Software

All the academic management modules are done by using a software AUMS (Amrita University Management System). It is an in-house developed software. ICTS is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of this software system.

Vidya -The knowledge Archive

There is a full fledged digital library built in-house by the name “VIDYA”. The digital library can be accessed from any nodes of the campus network. It has capacity of 1.6 terra bytes which includes video, audio, and text data. It also contain E journals,E books, MIT open courseware etc.

Internet connectivity

The campus has a 10.8 Mbps internet connectivity which includes one 10 Mbps leased line, one 512 Kbps and one 256 Kbps broad band and one 128 Kbps ISDN connections. All staff computers are provided with internet facility. There is an exclusive internet lab for students with 50 nodes of computers.

Interactive media and web development

The interactive media of ICTS takes care of the official web site of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Bangalore campus. It also takes care of the brochures, ID cards, other multimedia related works for the campus.

E-learning Center

This hall houses the E learning studio. It is a multi cast digital communication system powered by the satellite INSAT-3E. This is an out come of the initiative between Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and ISRO. The primary objective of the studio is to conduct E-Learning lectures and distance education programs. Whenever any conference, workshop or distinguished lectures are conducted in any of the campuses, the same can be viewed by the students and faculty of any of the other campuses in an interactive manner. This center is also used as digital class rooms for the visually oriented classes including cultural education. It has a seating capacity of 120. ICTS is responsible for the procuring of electronic items, stock report and the slot scheduling for the effective use of the studio and complete technical backup of audio video streaming, and UPS.

Amriteswari Hall : The Hall has a seating capacity of 260 and it is used for conducting in-campus functions.

Conference Hall : The conference hall has a seating capacity of 24. It is for conducting board meetings, executive committee and departmental meetings. The hall is equipped with an industrial standard conference system.

Sudhamani Hall : The Sudhamani hall has a seating capacity of 300.

Krishna Hall : The Hall has a seating capacity of 110.

Rama Hall : Rama Hall has a capacity to occupy 130.

Vyasa Hall : The Hall has a seating capacity of 75.

Valmiki Hall : The Valmiki Hall has a seating capacity of 75

Indo-US Corporate Class room

Indo – US initiative is a collaborative program between Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and top US universities for knowledge transfer in the field of emerging technologies. This Studio is used primarily as lecture hall for the Dual MS-Degree program offered by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in collaboration with Sunny Buffalo and other top US universities. ICTS was responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of this studio project. The studio is completely networked by wireless technology. The maintenance and trouble shooting of IT enabled services are also done by ICTS group. It has a seatin capacity of 62.

UPS Facility

The Institution has an Adequate Power Backup.The total capacity of the power backup is 135 KVA.

The details of the UPS given below

  • 30 KVA – 2 No
  • 60 KVA – 1 No
  • 10 KVA – 1 No
  • 5 KVA – 1 No

Public Address System

The Academic Blocks are connected with a centralized PA (Public Address System) which is used for general announcement, Prayer etc. There is an automated and programmable bell system which helps to maintain the routine time table of the Academic system.

EPABX System

There is a well established Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange system. All departments and important locations are given extension phone numbers which are connected to the official P&T numbers.

Training & Placement Cell

Training & Placement Cell aims at developing the overall personality and competency of the students. To meet the emerging needs of various leading employers, it organises training programmes for students to ensure excellent performance in the highly competitive recruitment processes. Priority is given to Soft Skills, English Language Skills and Aptitude training. Weaker students are given utmost care and special training programmes are exclusively organised for them. Besides arranging training programmes, the Training & Placement Cell also undertake the following activities.

  • Organising campus recruitments.
  • Arranging Internship with leading companies.
  • Arranging In-Plant training with leading companies.
  • Organising Industry Specific Training Programs
  • Organising training in foreign languages.
  • Establishing and maintaining effective corporate relations.
  • Making available counseling and career development services to students.
  • Conducting coaching classes for CAT, GATE, GRE, IES etc in the campus.

Campus Recruitments

Continuous improvement in the quality of training programmes and adoption of innovative practices have resulted in noticeable improvement in the overall placements of successive batches of students. Besides excellence in value-based education, the specific emphasis given to the training activities has enabled Amrita to build an excellent brand image in a very short span of time and the quality of students of Amrita is being widely acclaimed by various leading employers.

Placement Record

2006 Passed out Ist VTU Batch 75 %
2007 Passed out 2nd VTU Batch 85 %
2008 Passed out 1st Amrita Batch 97 %
2009 Passed out
(Peak Recession Period)
2nd Amrita Batch 92 %
2010  Passing out 3rd Amrita Batch (B-Tech) 98 %
2011  Passing out 4th Amrita Batch (B-Tech) 99 %

Placements Of 2011 Passing Out Batch

Placements of the 2011 passing out batch is under progress. Even as the job market is slowly recovering from a severe slow down,  98 %  of the students could be placed in premier companies. Some of the leading companies which visit Amrita regularly are:

  • SAP Labs
  • TCS
  • CTS
  • I FLEX
  • HCL
  • L&T


Students are provided with the opportunity to do full time internship with leading companies to hone their skills and improve their industry-readiness. Some of the leading companies which have provided internship opportunities to our students are

  • TCS
  • DRDO
  • NAL
  • GE

In-Plant Training

In order to promote exposure to industrial / job environment, students are encouraged to undergo in-plant training in both core and IT industries. Some of the companies that extend this facility to our students are:-

  • BHEL
  • Toyota Auto Parts (Bangalore)
  • Tata Motors Ltd (Jamshedpur)
  • Siemens India limited
  • ICF (Chennai)
  • National Atmospheric Research Laboratory
  • ITC Limited
  • Ashok Leyland
  • Naval Institute of Aeronautic Technology (Kochi)
  • Bajaj Auto Ltd
  • DRDO
  • Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd
  • L&T Komatsu Limited
  • Reliance Industries Limited
  • BSNL
  • MRPL (Mangalore)
  • TATA Steel (Jharkand)
  • BASF India Ltd
  • Kirloskar Electrical Company Limited
  • Salem Steel Plant
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (Kerala)
  • NTPC Limited
  • HAL (Bangalore)
  • BEL (Bangalore)
  • Bangalore International Airport

Industry Specific Training

In order to promote placements in core industries, industry specific short term program are offered to students in the campus. Some of the areas identified are:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Offshore Engineering
  • NDT
  • CAD
  • Mobile Technology
  • Embedded Systems
  • Industrial Automation
  • Fire and Safety
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management

Foreign Language Training

In view of the increasing demand for engineering graduates with competency in foreign languages, training in foreign languages such as Japanese, French & German are conducted in the campus for interested students.

Corporate Relations

By establishing and maintaining vibrant corporate relations, several mutually beneficial joint initiatives have been effected. MoUs and agreements have been signed to this effect with leading companies like TCS and Infosys. Efforts are being made continuously to effect collaborations and partnerships with more companies.

Personal Counseling

Students are provided with counseling and guidance to help them overcome their personal and vocational problems and score success in both academics and placements.

Coaching Program for Competitive Exams

In view of the increasing number of students opting for higher studies, Training & Placement Cell organises coaching programmes for entrance tests such as CAT, GRE, GATE, GMAT etc in the campus. Special Coaching services are also made available for IES, Civil services and PSU examinations.


Students  seeking  admission  to  the hostel  have  to  apply  separately  in  the  prescribed  application  form. Staying  in  the  hostel  is  mandatory  for  all  the  students   whose  parents are  not  residing  in  places  accessible  to  institution   transport.

The hostels are under the control of the Chief Warden. There is a deputy Chief Warden, Faculty Wardens and Resident Wardens to assist the Chief Warden. Pure and wholesome vegetarian food is served in buffet style in the hostel. Mathura, Yashodha and Devaki  Hostals are having dining facilities for the students.

Each hostel block is supervised by a Resident warden and an Assistant Warden. They stay in their respective hostel block and take care of students and attend to their needs. They closely monitor the student activities in the campus. We have four faculty wardens in boys hostel assigned to each year of B.Tech. There are two faculty wardens in girls hostel. The faculty wardens overview the day to day working of wardens and have interaction with students on daily basis.

There are 6 hostels in the campus, two for girls and four for boys.

Girls Hostels

  • Yashodha   –    I and II B.Tech.
  • Devaki        –    III, IV B.Tech. and PG (M. Tech. & MBA)

Boys Hostels

  • Gokul         –     I B. Tech.
  • Govardhan  –     I B. Tech
  • Mathura     –      II, III & IV B.Tech
  • Brindavan   –     PG (M.Tech and MBA)


The world around us is constantly changing at an unimaginable pace. We have been witnessing an enormous growth in science, technology and economy. Also, according to latest research, we are supposed to be in the best era ever. Alas, not everything seems to be the best in this best era. For example, many youngsters are falling prey to various disorders such as high stress levels, high blood pressure, anxiety related disorders, insomnia – the list is endless. One of the main causes is that the youngsters of this generation are physically unfit to handle the pressure.

We at Amrita firmly believe that only a healthy body can house a healthy mind. The vision of Amrita is to prepare fit youngsters who can handle the pressures around them. This mission is accomplished by us at the physical education department.

The sports club here at Bangalore is called CHETANA, which is a part of AMRITADHARA. The club organizes various events which motivate and encourage students’ participation. This club is headed by two staff members and a student body of twenty members. One of the main functions of the Physical Education department is to group all students into six houses – Krishna , Kaveri, Kabini, Sharavathi, Netravati and Tungabhadra. This allows students to have better inter-department interactions. The club organizes the annual athletic meet and the various inter-house team events like the football, the basketball, the volleyball, the cricket and the table tennis. The club also organizes interclass matches. This facilitates maximum student participation. The club encourages the outstanding sportspersons to represent the college in various inter collegiate competitions.

Sports Facilities

  • A state of the art gymnatium with Treadmills, Elleptical cross trainer, Upright bike and with Multi-stationed machiens, seperate for boath boys and girls.
  • Indoor facilities for Table tennis, Chess, Badminton and Carom.
  • Out door Facilities for Volleyball, Throwball, Basketball and Cricket nets.
  • Five acres of land has been identified near campus premises for building a multi-dimensional sports complex.


College buses pick up and drop day- scholars from specified locations in Bangalore city and enroute, on payment of a nominal fee.

Banking & ATM

An extension counter of The Dhanalakshmi Bank is functioning inside the campus on all working days. Students can make use of the personal banking facilities at the extension counter. The bank also provides a 24hour ATM facility.

Browsing Center

The campus has a 2.8 Mbps internet connectivity which includes one 2 Mbps leased line, one 512 Kbps and one 256 Kbps broad band and one 128 Kbps ISDN connections. All staff computers are provided with internet facility. There is an exclusive internet lab for students with 50 nodes of computers.

Reprographic Facility

Students can get photocopy of the material and print outs (Colour and Black& White) in the library, by a subsidized charge, if required.


The General store caters to the stationery and other requirements like domestic goods, provisions, etc. The store also stocks our math publications, audio/ video cassettes, herbal/ayurvedic products, etc. produced by the Math.


Hygienic vegetarian food is been served through Amrita Cafeteria on payable basis. North Indian dishes and ‘chatts’ are also been accommodated in the menu.


A clinic is functional inside the campus with a Doctor and a Nurse. The clinic facility is opended for the local villages also.

Prayer Hall

A serene prayer hall is also available in the campus. Students are encouraged to participate in the prayers on voluantary basis.

Hostel Reading room

All the Hostels have a seperate reading room with Magazines and News papers available.


A well equiped saloon is also functional in the campus.

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