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About the Department

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru was established in 2004 under Amrita Vishwa Vidya Peetham. The Department offers a B.Tech degree program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The Department also runs an M.Tech. degree program in Power Electronics from the academic year 2010-11. It also offers Doctoral degree programs in different areas of Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

The Department has a combined faculty of experienced persons from industry and academia as well as a team of young teachers who contribute immensely to the establishment of necessary infrastructure and procedures for conducting an undergraduate program. The faculty profile comprises of personnel with doctorates, postgraduation in various fields and undergraduate qualifications to meet the curriculum requirements. Faculty members are encouraged to enhance their qualifications, by participation in higher studies and research activities.

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The curriculum and course delivery are flexible, meeting industry requirements. This is reflected by the outstanding number of students who are selected at the end of their third year for employment in reputed companies.

The Department is housed in spacious blocks consisting of a Electrical Machines Laboratory, Power Electronics Laboratory, Measurement and Circuits Laboratory, Electrical Workshop and Simulation Laboratory, all sufficiently furnished with the latest equipment and software. Classrooms, seminar room, staff room and department library for reference reading provide areas for learning and study.

The Department assists weaker students by giving guidance and counseling, enabling them to enhance their learning abilities. During winter and summer vacations, students are motivated to do project work covering real life applications. This, in turn, builds potential and confidence to solve technical problems faced in industries.


Mould generations of electrical and electronics engineers on global standards with multi disciplinary perspective to meet evolving societal needs.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) – B.Tech., (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

PEO1: Graduate can demonstrate electrical and electronics engineering problem solving skill along with proficiency in communication and professional excellence in project management and execution.
PEO2: Graduate can be employable in engineering services including ICT enabled sectors and also motivated for entrepreneurship.
PEO3: Graduate will be competent for higher studies in world class universities and research in industrial organizations.
PEO4: Graduate will manifest social commitment, environmental awareness and moral and ethical values in professional and other discourses.

Program Outcomes (POs)

Engineering Graduates will be able to:

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO1: Awareness of Future Technology: Develop solutions for future systems using smart technologies.
PSO2: Research and Innovation: Identify engineering challenges, approach using cutting edge research tools and execute innovative solutions.

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