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About the Department

Since its establishment in 2002, the Department of Mathematics, ASE, Bengaluru, has grown and evolved, focusing on providing students with a strong mathematical foundation and analytical skills. It offers diverse courses, interdisciplinary collaborations, and experienced faculty. The department’s vision is to deliver quality education in mathematics and prepare students for success in technical fields.

Initially, the role of the Department was to provide a strong foundation in Engineering Mathematics to the students of Undergraduate (B.Tech) Engineering Programs. Later 2004 onwards, the Department also started offering elective subjects for undergraduate programmes and advanced courses for postgraduate programmes. From 2007, the Department started offering Ph.D programmes.

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Department of Mathematics offers four compulsory subjects for the first four semesters of the  B.Tech Programme for all Engineering branches, and few other elective subjects for the third and fourth year B.Tech Programme as per the needs of the respective Engineering Departments. The Department also offers compulsory and elective courses for the five M.Tech Programmes in the campus. Along with these, the department also offers courses for Ph.D scholars. Two of them already obtained Doctor’s degree from the Department. Examination for the fundamental course in Mathematics that has to be cleared by all research scholars is conducted by the department in every six months.

Currently five students are doing Ph.D under the guidance of faculty members of the department.

The department has an ambitious plan to be the best Mathematics departments and to establish an International reputation as a centre for research and teaching in Mathematics.

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