Amrita Samskriti - the Students Club, serves as the launch pad for diverse activities at the Chennai Campus. It includes numerous clubs for Dance, Music, Drama, Photography, Debating, etc. It provides various opportunities to the students of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham to explore, nurture, and express their skills and prowess in myriad co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. These activities also make everlasting impressions on students’ minds to appreciate and imbibe the traditional values and diversities of Indian culture, universal principles, modern technology, and current issues and concerns.

Name of the Club Activities
The Tārā - Music Club Singing, Playing Instruments (Classical & Western)
The Tārā - Music Club Solo or Group Dance. (Classical / Western)
The Rūpakam - Drama Club

Mono act, One act play, Mimicry

The Kauśalyam - Art Club Rangoli, Mehandi, Collage, Pencil Sketching, Ad zap, Poster making, Cartooning
The Brāhmī - Literary Club Sudoku, Poetry Recitation, Short film review, Anchoring
The Pratibhā – Creative Club Wealth from waste, Cook your snack
The Tantram - Technical Club Vedio or Audio making, Social Media , Photography
The Martial Art Club Ancient art forms of India