Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Central Library is a valuable partner in user's pursuit towards excellence in learning and research. Our value lies in the valuable information resources, services and facilities that we provide to all users. The Central library has a carpet area of 81,000 sq feet.

The library has been automated by the Libsys software. We have the open access system. We have a wide range of library materials that cater to various learning resources of 58103 books, 377 Periodicals, 3000+ online e-resources like e-journals, e-books, conference proceedings, e-databases and standards, 2650 Project reports, 7086 back-volumes, 4781 CD/DVDs resources and 14 Daily News Papers. »»

Computing Facilities

The Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS) Department is responsible for identifying, providing and maintaining reliable computing facilities, computing network environment, communication facilities and related infrastructure to facilitate education, research, instructional and Institute approved business services.

The department administers all computer laboratories in the campus. The facilities are made available to the staff and students from 7.00 AM to 10.30 PM on all days excluding national holidays. The laboratories extend all facilities required by students to fulfill their requirements for academic purposes.

The department staff in these labs also assists students in their academic work. All staff rooms are also equipped with sufficient computers to help faculty to carry out their day-to-day academic requirements and also to help them in their research activities.

At locations where wireless connectivity is essential, Wi-Fi hotspots have been setup to allow users to connect to the campus network over wireless links.

Network cabling within a laboratory or a block is designed and implemented using the structured cabling approach. This allows flexibility and scalability for expansions in the future.

Core Services

  • Campus-wide computing and networking infrastructure design.
  • Hosting the campus network operations centre and network services.
  • Administration of computer labs.
  • Conduct of IT Training programs.
  • Technical support to all departments on IT enabled services.
  • Maintenance of all hardware and software systems.
  • Maintenance of learning resource facilities.

The 13 computer centres of Amrita School of Engineering,Coimbatore are designed,laid out and equipped scientifically so that students can spend hours together at the terminal without

fatigue. This includes the state-of-the-art CAD/CAM center,high end VLSI Design centre and an exclusive Digital Signal Processing lab. The CAD/CAM centre has more than 70 workstations,CNC Milling machine and CNC tuning machine along with an Industrial Robot. The software includeI-DEAS,ProE.CATIA,Unigraphics,ANSYS,ADAMS,MoldFlow,Autodesk Inventor Series,SolidEdge,Hyperworks,LS-DYNA,CADian and Abaqus. It also contains Paulson's CBT on injection Molding. The VLSI Lab has more than 80 high-end Computers with software such as Magma,ModelSim,LeonardoSpectrum,XILINX ISE etc.

The computer laboratories are equipped with more than 2000 desktop/workstations. All buildings are interconnected with high-speed fibre optic cable and all the computers are networked over fast ethernet link. The campus network is connected to the internet through a 25MB leased line.

CISCO Networking Academy

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is a Regional Networking Academy under the program. The academy was established in the year 1999, one of the few educational institutions to be selected to be a regional academy at that time. The academy is also currently the Cisco Academy Training Centre (CATC) for its Sponsored Curricula.

The department administers the Cisco Networking Academy in the campus. The academy is one of the foremost Regional Academies established by Cisco Systems in India. The academy supports over 50 academies located in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. The academy during the past years has won various awards and accolades in recognition of its contribution to the Networking Academy program. The academy is also the Quality Assurance academy for the region. The academy offers Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA), Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP) and IT Essential courses to the students in the campus as part-time program. These courses help the students to secure industry certifications like CCNA, CCNP and CompTIA A+.The academy is the authorized instructor and student training centre for the following academy courses.

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • CISCO Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • IT Essentials I : PC Hardware and Software
  • CISCO Job Offer @ Bangalore


Separate hostel facilities are provided for girls and boys. Their stay in the hostel enables them to imbibe a holistic lifestyle with activities like yoga, sports and extra-curricular activities. There are eight hostels in the campus which accommodate above 3500 inmates. P.G students and final year U.G students are allotted single rooms.

All hostels are equipped with solar water heater for hot water supply. Pure vegetarian food prepared under hygienic conditions is served in the student dining halls and the canteens from a central Kitchen. Night cafeteria is attached with all hostels. All students are expected to live in the hostel during their course. However, local students who live with their parents within a radius of 30 km from the campus will be permitted to come from their homes. Students are not permitted to live in rented houses, lodges, either alone or in groups. Amrita attaches great importance to the nature of lifestyle in the campus. Tobacco, in any form and any other intoxicants are strictly prohibited.


HOSTEL FACILITY BOYS: 6 (Capacity: 3108)
GIRLS: 2 (Capacity: 1612)
SPORTS FACILITIES 22,000 sq.m of sports field
Basketball courts: 2
Ball Badminton: 4
Cricket: 1
Football: 1
Kabaddi: 2
Tennis: 2
Volley Ball: 5
Athletic track
Olympic standard swimming pool
Sports field with 400m track getting ready
GYMNASIUM Two Nos. (one for Boys and one for Girls)
One more gym being added
Table Tennis
COMMON ROOMS One in each building



We are having three Gyms inside the Campus to cater the needs of students with the following equipments: (Recently, we modernized the Gyms spending Rs.42, 00,000.00)

Cardio Equipment

  1. Up Ride Bicycle (Viva fitness)
  2. Imported Motorized Treadmill (Motus 900)
  3. Eleptical Cross Trainer (Motus &Viva Fitness)

Strength Equipment

  1. 6 in 1 Multi Gym
  2. 12 in 1 Multi Gym
  3. 8 Station Multi Gym
  4. 10-in-1 Personal Gym Twister
  5. Cable Cross Over
  6. Hacks Squat
  7. Smith Machine
  8. Calf Rise
  9.  Inner & Outer Thigh
  10. Nelco Weight Lifting Set
  11. Benches (Incline, Decline, Flat and Multi Purpose)
  12. T-Bar Rower
  13. Preach Curl Stand
  14. Dumbbells (with Rubber Rings and with groove)
  15. Barbell Plates
  16. Barbell Rods Set (4 Different Size)
  17. Rod Racks

The Department of Physical Education has the following indoor and outdoor games:-

Outdoor Games :

  1. Ball Badminton (M&W) [cricket]
  2. Basketball (M & W)
  3. Cricket (M)
  4. Football (M)
  5. Kabaddi (M)
  6. Tennis (M & W)
  7. Tenni-Koit (W)
  8. Volleyball (M & W)
  9. Swimming (M & W)
  10. Hockey (M)
  11. Handball (M)
  12. Throw ball (W)
  13. Athletics (M & W)

Indoor Games

  1. Carrom (M&W)
  2. Chess (M&W)
  3. Shuttle Badminton (M&W)
  4. Table Tennis (M&W)
  5. Weight Lifting (M)
  6. Power Lifting (M)

Student Activities

Our college students are participating every year in various tournaments such as:

  1. CICAA (Coimbatore Inter Collegiate Athletic Association),
  2. TIUS (Tamilnadu Inter University Sports)
  3. Inter Collegiate Tournaments conducted by some other colleges,
  4. Inter Campus Tournaments

Programmes Conducted for Students

  1. Talent Search for first years
  2. Intramural Competitions for all students
  3. Annual sports day for every academic year
  4. Inter-Campus Tournament in Selected Disciplines
  5. Summer and Winter Coaching Camp in Swimming
  6. Friendly Matches in Intra and Inter Departmental Level

Swimming Pool

Amrita Swimming Pool is of Olympic Standard with 50m X 25m in Size and contains 2.4 million littres of water and a Toddlers Pool is to accommodate babies and for the professionals to have Warm-Up.

We have the State-of art machinery that can purify 2.4 million litres of water with in six hours. It is one of the few international standard swimming pools where the State, National and International Swimming Competitions can be conducted.

Synthentic Tennis Court

In this type of court the players will have even bounce while playing. Comparing with the ordinary Clay Court, this type of Court will have almost Nil Maintenance.

It will be suitable for the both extreme conditions.

Work in Progress

  1. 400m International Standard Tracks with a Gallery around and a Football Field at the Centre.
  2. A Standard Football cum Cricket Field near Vasishta Bhavanam
  3. A multi purpose Indoor Gymnasium with a size of 8200sq feet consists of 4 Shuttle Badminton Courts, 2500 Sq Feet of Gym Centre and playing provision for Table Tennis, Carrom & Chess.

Playfields Planned

  1. An International Standard Multi Purpose Indoor Stadium
  2. A Standard Hand Ball Court
  3. 4 Net Practice Nets for Cricket

Clubs Planned

  1. Walkers’ Club- to give general health awareness for the students and staff community.
  2. Fitness Club- to give all the practical and professional guidelines for fitness training to the students.
  3. Sports Club- to conduct the entertainment and non-competitive sports for the students and staff.

Guest House

The guest house facility includes 20 A.C rooms, 4 A.C suites, 20 non A.C rooms, conference hall and dining hall. Guest house serves as the preferred venue for various events like board meetings, conferences, seminars, press meetings etc. It provides comfortable stay for parents, visiting professors, company executives, administrators and so on.


The Dhanlaxmi Bank operates a branch with ATM facility for the benefit of staff and students.

Medical Facility

'Amrita Dispensary' works inside the campus round the clock providing medical service to the students, staff and villagers. Three doctors and eight nursing staff are on duty. The dispensary has ten beds for the in-patients. Basic medical care, pharmacy with adequate medicines, facilities like ECG Machine, Nebulisar, Oxygen cylinders, Defibrillator, ECG monitor & Pulse OXYmeter and first aid are provided in the health care unit. Cases which require immediate hospitalization and special medical attention ar referred to the nearby welln known hospitals. Two ambulances are readily available in the clinic for emergency.

Amenities Complex

A General store caters to the stationery and other requirements like domestic goods, toiletry, provisions, books etc. The store also stocks our ashram publication, audio/video cassettes, herbal/ayurvedic products and so on. The amenities complex houses a tailoring shop, Photocopying facility, a men's hair dressing centre and STD booth.


Three canteens are functioning inside the campus from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM on all days.