Welcome to the Resources area of the Department of Science webpage. The purpose of this section is to serve as a collection of resources relevant to students, faculty and other research personnel.

The digital library page provides links to various online sources like books, lectures, handouts relevant to science and engineering. The Amrita Digital library– VIDHYA is hosted by ICTS on the campus network. The current archive volume is 2 TB comprising learning material on various disciplines, including an extensive collection of Audio/Video lectures by renowned persons.

The Department of Sciences has set up a few labs to cater both physics and chemistry graduates to perform their regular academic and research activities.

Academic laboratories(chemistry)

  • Inorganic Chemistry lab
  • Organic Chemistry lab
  • Physical Chemistry lab

Research laboratories

  • Biosensor Research Lab (Chemistry)
  • Dhanvanthri lab (Chemistry)
  • Amrita Biochemistry Materials Research Laboratory (Chemistry)
  • Amrita Materials Processing Laboratory (Physics)
  • Ion Trap Laboratory (Physics)