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About the School

Established in September 2002, the Amrita School of Medicine has achieved great academic recognition from the students, community and educational fraternity as an institution providing not only world-class training but also the right perspective on life. The present School tower comprises 12 storeys with a total floor area of 120,000 sq. ft. The hospital has an additional floor area of 1,100,000 sq.ft.

Incorporating state-of-the-art educational facilities that meet international standards, the Amrita School of Medicine is a fusion of the latest technology with core human values. The School of Medicine building houses laboratories, lecture halls and a well-furnished central library complete with an outstanding collection of the latest editions of international and Indian medical books and journals. It also provides for electronic access to many scientific and medical databases in India and abroad. An ANATOMY MUSEUM has been established with all the latest teaching devices and with elaborate models detailing the different parts of the human body.

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The School offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs like BSc, MSc, MD/MS/PG Diploma, DM/MCh, etc., as well as a five-and-a-half year program in Medicine, including a year of internship, culminating in the award of an MBBS degree. The curriculum is based on the directives of the Medical Council of India.

The course involves both theory classes and practical sessions. Clinical exposure begins in the second year with classes conducted by clinical specialists emphasizing the relevance of the basic sciences to clinical practices. Hospital postings and field visits to public health centers aim at exposing the candidate to different scenarios in which doctors in India might find themselves, and how to go about providing the best care in all the circumstances.

A commitment to the practice of medicine in its highest form is a lifelong commitment to humanity. Our resolve to be a Center of Excellence both in medical training and in the practice of medicine will well prepare eager and talented young men and women to play a key role at the forefront of their chosen profession.

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Principal’s Message

Dr. (Col) Vishal Marwaha
Principal, Amrita School of Medicine

Established in 2002, presently Amrita School of Medicine, AIMS, Kochi is a pioneer medical institution in India for higher education, patient care & research. MBBS degree awarded by the School was recognised in 2007 and Post Graduate Programs (MD/MS) was started in 2008 .Since then , there was a tremendous thrust in academic activities and presently the school conducts 20 MD, 4 MS, 11 DM, 8 M.Ch and 8 P G Diploma Programs with an annual intake of 132 students.

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