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Amrita School of Nanoscience and Molecular Medicine (ASNSMM) was established in early 2006 with specific focus on developing cutting-edge translational research programs in Nanotechnology and Molecular Medicine. Nestled within the sprawling Amrita healthcare campus in Kochi, ASNSMM is India’s first Nanobio center, and is now well-recognized nationally and internationally for its contributions in the field of nanomedicine, molecular medicine and energy science.

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The center receives generous core grants, and individual research grants from the Department of Biotechnology, Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India, and project based support from investors and individual companies. The Centre has published over 400 papers and filed over 83 patents out of which, 71 are published and 23 have been granted, covering 11 international patents. The center has also set up its first state-of-the art GMP facility to enable nanotechnology incubator cells to aid start-up companies.

Messages from the School

Mother’s Day Message

Mother’s Day comes as a reminder to think about the selfless love and endurance of mothers, and mother-like figures in our life, who inspire us every day to be better people. Even during these times of pandemic, our Amma has been working relentlessly in her mission to provide love, compassion and care to the world. On this day, we salute the Mother of the World and all other incredible mothers, whose comfort, inspiration and unconditional love makes us who we are! Happy Mother’s Day!

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