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Product Description: Amrita ABSORF is, first of its kind oral sorafenib nanomedicine focusing towards the treatment of Hepatocellular carcinoma and FLT-3 ITD AML.

Protein nanoparticles loaded with sorafenib tosylate (API) formulated with mucoadhesive/mucopenetrating excipients into oral dosage forms (capsules).

  • ABSORF improved the pharmacokinetics: 02-03 fold enhanced oral bioavailability compared to that of current clinical formulation (NATCO Pharma Ltd).
  • ABSORF enhanced the antitumor efficacy in orthotopic hepatocellular carcinoma in SD rat models at half dose compared to that of current clinical formulation (NATCO Pharma Ltd).
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Gliocure Wafer for Brain Tumor Treatment

Product description: Amrita Gliocure wafer is a drug eluting polymeric implant made of biocompatible polymers and is intended to release chemotherapeutic agent BCNU (Carmustine) in the brain for a period of up to 30 days in a sustained fashion without systemic leakage.

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Photo-activated Injectable Nanoparticle Gel for Brain Tumor Treatment

Product description: Amrita-LI Glio-Gel is a light activated injectable nanoparticle gel for the treatment of recurrent glioma. The therapy is known as nano-Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT), in which the drug loaded nanoparticles gel is applied in the tumor cavity and activated by laser light to kill the residual tumor cells. The nano-gel PDT therapy will be done after the removal of main portions of brain tumor. The product is licensed to Lead-invent Pharma Inc for clinical translation.

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Nano-Textile Small Diameter Vascular Graft

Product Description: Small diameter vascular grafts (3-5 mm) made up of PLLA nanoyarns were developed by the textile technique of weaving. Mechanical properties of nanotextile graft were tested as per ISO standards and optimized. Biocompatibility of the nanotextile graft was assessed in vitro as well as after implantation in rabbit aortic artery. Large animal studies to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the small diameter graft are underway in ovine model.

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Polymeric Nanoyarns

Product description: Nanofibrous poly L-lactic acid (PLLA) yarns used as a raw material to enhance the mechanical property of nanocomposite bone implants developed at Amrita. PLLA yarns with mechanical strength in the range 10-20 MPa and yarn diameters of 150-350 µm, consisting of fibers with dimensions of 800-1500 nm have been developed.

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Nanotextured Coronary Stents

Product Description: Metallic coronary stents made of Cobalt Chromium and Stainless Steel have been surface textured to generate a uniform surface titania nanotopography, which did not alter the mechanical or handling characteristics of the stent, but provided an enhanced in vivo response in terms of reduced intimal hyperplasia after implantation in rabbit iliac artery.

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Mandibular Augmentation Bone Graft

Product description: Mandibular Augmentation Bone graft is a ‘Fibrous Composite’ of Silica coated HA-Gelatin matrix reinforced with PLLA fibrous yarns. It is porous, mechanically stable (tough material) and biodegradable, which can promote bone regeneration in critical size defect that occur due to trauma or tumour excision in mandible. It also enhances osseointegration with dental implants for functional tooth restoration.

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A Prognostic Kit for CNS Leukemia Prediction in B-ALL Patients

Product Description: Prophylactic intrathecal chemotherapy is administered to patients diagnosed with B-ALL irrespective of central nervous system (CNS) involvement. The chemo burden has severe side effects in adults and particularly in children with respect to their brain development as a patient who may not have the disease also treated prophylactically with chemodrugs which are toxic to CNS. Thus, development of a prognostic marker for early prediction of CNS leukemia in B-ALL patients is extremely important. Here we developed a prognostic kit using ELISA platform technology to predict an impending CNS leukemia in a B-ALL patient. The approach would provide relief to patients suffering from B-ALL in terms of chemo burden, monetary constraints and clinicians can have judicious management of CNS leukemia.

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