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The Department of Social Science is actively involved in providing evidence-based, quality oriented social work education through most advanced and emerging domains of practice, research and field interventions. It has also engaged itself in strengthening social work practice, research, and field projects. The Social Work program at Amrita is characterized by its holistic and distinctive approach. It combines academic and experiential learning providing a comprehensive education for aspiring social workers.
The Department of Social Sciences, affiliated to the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Amritapuri campus is situated in Kollam, Kerala.

Our Vision

The central mission of the Mathematics Department at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is to bring synergy between education and human empowerment with the determination to inspire and educate the budding mathematicians. We are focused on inculcating the spirit of enquiry and scientific temper yet with the firm belief in the Indian wisdom from our rich cultural and civilisational ethos. We believe in the eternal beauty of mathematics and consider our mission to enlarge the scope of research driven academic space inclusive of social diversity. We inspire and focus on upgrading the quality of the students making them capable to be the leaders of the new world. 

Our Mission

The Mathematics Department at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham envision to incorporate the relentless quest on research and learning experience to the scholars and consider exploration into the depths of Mathematics as the driving force of academic engagements. Hence the beauty and utility of Mathematics is shared to the society by spreading the wisdom of the subject through the well-trained scholars and faculties of the department of Mathematics. We are involved in effectively offering sustainable solutions to tackle global challenges with application of our knowledge and collective efforts centred on research, innovation catering to the practical application for social upliftment and human development.   


Empowerment of Students

We are determined towards empowerment of students by catering to their aspirations on the subject of Mathematics and strengthening the core foundation on the subject knowledge. Transforming knowledge into wisdom is the key for our university. The key focus of the department is concentrated on effective interventions to upgrade the skillsets of students for both academic excellence and personality development, ensuring integrated and holistic development. The Department is deeply committed on carving out a future generation of mathematics scholars capable of nation building, who can offer creative and effective solutions to overcome the global challenges. 

Building Meaningful Partnership and Global Collaborations  

We believe in the strength of togetherness in addressing noble objective of Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu and consider humankind as a single family Vasudeva Kudambakkam. In this regard we hope to foster deep collaboration within the department and build sustainable partnership within and beyond South Asia catering to the effective fulfilment of sustainable development goal on building strong partnerships to empower research in Mathematics. We believe in spreading the vistas of Mathematics beyond the department to encourage inter-disciplinary research and integration of Mathematics principles to relevant streams of knowledge generation. 

Promotion of Excellence 

We are committed and dedicated on maintaining and upgrading the standard of learning, teaching and research experience. Our faculty members are eminent scholars with proven academic credentials and are deeply passionate about exploring the possibilities of Mathematics in advancement of knowledge and applying the wisdom into application useful for the betterment of humankind. 

Fostering Inclusivity 

We are strong believe in compassion driven and integrated development of humanity irrespective of the diversity. Unity in Diversity is a mantra which drives our commitment to empower every aspiring student and researcher in the field of Mathematics. Equal treatment and mutual respect are core values which drives the department to move ahead and create an ecosystem of universal peace and a level playing ground is set for win-win attitude among scholars of Mathematics at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. 

Community Engagement 

We believe in the value of mathematics for social empowerment. Our department is committed to the address the needs of communities from local to global level. This is made possible by offering outreach initiatives, sharing of expertise with community and spreading literacy with grass root level societal interventions. 

Research Driven Innovation 

As Mathematics is a dynamic and ever evolving field of academic study we are focused on constantly updating the existing knowledge base to cater to the innovations and global developments. This is reflected in methods of teaching, research outcomes and perspective building in application of wisdom derived from mathematics. 

Key Functions and Responsibilities

Teaching Mathematics 

The basic function of the Department is to provide quality driven instruction to students from elementary to higher levels. Thus the updated courses are incorporated with the help of innovative teaching methods thereby strengthening the core capabilities including problem solving skills and in-depth knowledge in mathematics concepts. 

Curriculum Development 

The department is responsible for development and maintenance of the mathematics curriculum. This is made possible by designing and creating courses defining learning objectives and ensuring the curriculum to match with the educational standards fulfilling the needs and aspirations of the changing world. 

Assessment and Evaluation  

Regular analysis and quality enhancement for the students is undertaken in the department of Mathematics by conducting assessments in the form of examinations assignments in regular intervals  


The department is engaged in active research activities with the leadership provided by eminent faculty members by effective contribution via publishing scholarly works contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field of Mathematics.

Professional Development 

Faculty and staff have to be prepared and stay updated with the ever-changing world of Mathematics in terms of research and innovation in teaching methodologies, learning and in-depth inquiry in Mathematics. This is ensured by fostering research driven conferences, academic workshops and opportunities to encourage the spirit of enquiry in Mathematics. 

Student Support  

Students who struggle with Mathematics find solace in the student support facility provided by the student support team of the department of Mathematics. This can be in the form of extra mural, tutoring providing additional academic resources and improvised study techniques. 

Advising and Counselling 

The human wellness and mental health of students and faculties are key priority areas for the Department of Mathematics at Amrita. The department offers effective therapy and counselling sessions to students and guide them to choose the suitable career pathways. 

Community Outreach  

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is deeply committed to empower and develop local community empowerment. The Department of Mathematics is focused on organising workshops ,events and educational promotional events for spreading the knowledge of Mathematics literacy and curiosity and enthusiasm for the subject from the community members and  civil society. 

Collaboration with Multidisciplinary Partnerships  

Mathematics is deeply interconnected with other streams of knowledge including Physics, Engineering and Computer Science. Effective collaboration of students and teachers in these disciplines of Mathematics is the fundamental spirit of knowledge creation. 

Professional Faculty Development 

Realising the potential of sharpening the skillset and knowledge base of the faculty members the Department of Mathematics at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is providing a wide range of opportunities ranging from offering scholarships, faculty development training, mentoring and constant efforts to empower the spirit of teaching and research.  

Resources and Faculty Management  

The Department is entrusted with the task of providing the necessary resources, text books, latest software and digital educational tools and availability and access to smart classes, computers and laboratory facilities. 

Quality Assurance  

The vital responsibility is ensuring the quality of Mathematics department in terms of offering education and research capabilities competent to match global standards.  Resource upgradation and above  initiatives  ensure quality of our service. 

Budget and Resource Allocation   

Management and allocation of departmental finances and seeking funding opportunities for research driven educational initiatives are prominent responsibilities. 

Inclusivity and Diversity  

Promotion of inclusivity and strengthening synergy of the Mathematics Department is aimed at an open and welcoming learning ecosystem which  respecting the faculty and student needs irrespective of their background.  

Policy and Governance  

The Department is an active participant in institutional decision-making initiatives with the university and school leadership aiming towards shaping policies towards expanding the possibilities of Mathematics education. 

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