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Community Covid Resilience and Resource Centers

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham’s Amrita School for Sustainable Futures and UNESCO Chair on Experiential Learning for Sustainable Innovation & Development, jointly with the Department of science and technology (DST), Government of India is working towards setting up Community Covid Resilience Resource Centers (CCRRC) across India.The centers aim to provide community level interventions focussed on various thematic areas to translate technological advancements to provide sustainable solutions to various challenges.


Community Hubs


Village Spokes




Focus Areas


Building knowledge societies

Develop local community level resource centers with a focus on the thematic areas

Developing an empowered interconnected regional and national network of communities

Build a community level platform for mapping community level socioeconomic, cultural and political dimensions

Utilize the existing knowledge, technology, innovations, and funds for resource mobilization and utilization for community empowerment

Community level resilience

Develop and deploy strategies and technologies to achieve community level resilience in specific thematic areas

Thematic Areas

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Awareness program, agriculturists and farmer training and capacity building.

  • Kitchen gardens for reducing malnutrition (proteins, diet), food security (self sufficiency, diversification), improving soil health (organic, pesticides)Analysis of food habits, nutrition analysis
  • Cultivation of region specific crops: mushroom, seaweed, avocado, moringa
  • Technology used for price discovery, buyer identification, weather, Govt. schemes
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Health & WellBeing

Training healthcare workers, deploying IoT health devices among vulnerable population, setting up teleconsultation training camps & services.

  • Linkages to tertiary hospitals (CCRRC to Amrita Hospital Kochi / Faridabad / local)
  • Remote IoT based patient vitals monitoring
  • Teleconsultation (Amrita Spandanam)
  • Health awareness camps (general health, hygiene, child and women care, NCDs)
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Water & Sanitation

PEPE hand wash awareness robots & Jivamritam clean drinking projects

  • Awareness and training programs, and deployment of handwashing units, PEPE awareness robots in public places especially in schools
  • Jivamritam unit installation
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Skill Development

  • Creation of Smart SHGs, training SHG members on entrepreneurship, finance management , credit availability and digitization. Vocational skill training awareness and capacity building.
  • Regional need based Self help groups, Smart-SHG platform
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Capacity building and training in online education both for students and teachers

  • Tablet education
  • Amrita-AHEAD, OLAB, V-LAB
  • Workshops and sessions
  • Evening classes

The 14 blocks that have been identified across states are as follows

Veldurthi Block, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh
Malarna Dongar Block, Sawai Madhopur District, Rajasthan

Raichur Block, Raichur District, Karnataka
Bishnupur I Block, South 24 Parganas District, West Bengal

Indpur Block, Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh
Jatani Block, Khordha District, Odisha State

Dunda Block, Uttarkashi District, Uttarakhand

Garhani Block, Bhojpur District, Bihar
Adimaly Block, Idukki District, Kerala

Dhansura Block, Aravalli District, Gujarat
Ateli Block, Mahendragarh District, Haryana

Bahadurpur Block, Prayagraj District, Uttar Pradesh
Agastya Muni Block, Rudraprayag District, Uttarakhand

Juna Katthiwada, Alirajpur Block, Alirajpur District, Madhya Pradesh


Community Covid Resilience and Resource Centers
Dr. Maneesha V. Ramesh

Provost, Strategic Initiatives, Research & Innovation, AI+X
Dean, School for Sustainable Futures
UNESCO Chair on Experiential Learning for Sustainable Innovation & Development

Community Covid Resilience and Resource Centers
Dr. Bhavani Rao R

Director, Ammachi labs and CWEGE
UNESCO Chair on Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality,
Program Director, Women Empowerment Initiatives, M.A.Math
Associate Professor & Chairperson, Department of Social Work

Community Covid Resilience and Resource Centers
Dr. Dipu T S

Associate Professor
Division of Infectious Diseases
School of Medicine
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences

Community Covid Resilience and Resource Centers
Dr. Prema Nedungadi

Professor and Chairperson
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
Director, AmritaCREATE
PI Tribal Ministry’s Center of Excellence at Amrita

Community Covid Resilience and Resource Centers
Dr Rahul Krishnan Pathinarupothi

Asst. Professor, Amrita Center for Wireless Networks & Applications

Community Covid Resilience and Resource Centers
Renjith Mohan

Project Manager,
School for Sustainable Futures
Co-ordinator, Live-in-Labs ®


Village Workshops
Village Workshops

Resilience Assessment Household Surveys
Resilience Assessment Household Surveys

Child & Maternal Awareness Campaign
Child & Maternal Awareness Campaign

Capacity Building on Tele-health usage
Capacity Building on Tele-health usage

Monitoring committee village visits
Monitoring committee village visits

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