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Goddess Alakṣmī

Publisher : a symbol of un-hygiene and immorality in conference proceedings of International Seminar on “Symbolism in Indian Art, Archaeology and Literature

Overview of Goddesses Jyeṣthā and Kaniṣthā: Religion and Practice

Authors : Tanashree Redij

Publisher : History Today, Journal of History and Historical Archaeology of IHCS

Origin and Development of Lakṣmī and Alakṣmī Concept

Authors : Joglekar, P. P., , Tanashree Redi

Publisher : JSTOR , Bulletin of the Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute, Vice Chancellor, Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute

Alakṣmī Concept in Puranic Literature and Her Reflection in the Modern Society

Authors : Tanashree Redi

Publisher : Puranic Literature: A Study.

Mahābhārata- Cultural Index

Authors : Manish Rajan Walvekar

Publisher : Fascicule 2

A study of some peculiar Aorist forms in the R̥gveda Maṇḍala IX

Authors : Manish Rajan Walvekar, Prof. Ravindra Muley

Publisher : Journal of Indian Intellectual Tradition

A butterfly: An Indian perception with a literary view

Authors : Manish Rajan Walvekar, Tanmay Jayant Bhole

Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms

Authors : Dr. T. S. Girishkumar

Publisher : The South India Books

Mein Kemph (tr). 2016.

Authors : T. S. Girishkumar

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