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Approaches to obtaining fluorenes: An alternate perspective

Authors : Anusha S. Das, Ajil R. Nair, Anjana Sreekumar, Akhil Sivan

Publisher : Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd

Nanotechnology- A Boon or A Curse: A Critical Review

Authors : C. M. Vaishnav, Nayana S. Prasad, Amarthya G, Ardra Lekshmi A, Smitha Chandran S.

Publisher : Science of Environment

Covid-19 and Land Surface Temperature

Authors : Sumith S.S, Smitha Chandran.S.

Publisher : LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Implementation of A Web GIS Based System for the Effective Data Dissemination and Sustainable Management of Municipalities: An Open Source Approach

Authors : Sumith Satheendran S, Smitha Chandran S, John C Mathew

Publisher : GIS Science Journal

The Evolution of lighting in South-west India from Night-time Lights: 2012-2020

Authors : Sumith Satheendran S , Smitha Chandran S, John C Mathew

Publisher : Spatial Information Research

Distribution of PM2.5 and PM10 in Ambient air in three cities of Delhi

Authors : Saroon S, Hima K Sugathan, Smitha Chandran S.

Publisher : Journal of Critical Reviews

Analysis Of Air Pollution In Three Suburbs Of Bengaluru Urban Using Air Quality Index

Authors : Hima K Sugathan, Parvathy, Rijas K.M., Smitha Chandran S.

Publisher : Journal Of Critical Reviews

Plant Mediated Synthesis of AgNPs And Its Applications: An Overview

Authors : Aswathy Shyam , Smitha Chandran.S, Bini George

Publisher : Inorganic and Nano-Metal Chemistry

A comprehensive review on bio epoxy based IPN: Synthesis, properties and applications

Authors : Sreehari H, GopikaVenu, Sethulekshmi AS, SarithaAppukuttan

Publisher : Elsevier

Antimicrobial studies in Rubber Nanocomposites– A mini review

Authors : A.S Sethulekshmi , SarithaAppukuttan , Kuruvilla Joseph , AbiSanthoshAprem , SujaBhargavanSisupal

Publisher : Industrial Crops and Products

MoS2 based nanomaterials: Advanced antibacterial agents for Future

Authors : A.S Sethulekshmi , SarithaAppukuttan , Kuruvilla Joseph , AbiSanthoshAprem , SujaBhargavan Sisupal

Publisher : Journal of controlled release

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