Many villages in India do not have access to electricity. Villages that do receive power intermittently and with frequent disruption, making the supply of electricity unreliable. While government projects and initiatives have come a long way to address the massive challenge of complete rural electrification, a more localized and sustainable solution is warranted.

This project is a continuation of Lemongrass Essentials Optimization Solar Powered Distillation Unit and Marketing. The village of Mothakara is home to the abundant and naturally available lemongrass plant. There was an age-old tradition of distilling the plant to produce a valuable multi-purpose oil and selling it as a method of generating income. However, villagers could only assist in the distillation process and were never able to own distillation units themselves due to the high cost. The main aim is to further develop the product in terms of packaging and identify potential market segments to see the produced oil.

In spite of the large scale mechanization of agriculture across India, agricultural operations are still carried out by human hand using simple and conventional tools like sickle, hoe, rake, etc. Farmers engage in manual labor for long hours resulting in serious health implications. However, many farmers have become accustomed to the resulting health problems and have resigned themselves to living with them.

This project is about the empowerment of a village through a broad business management of the lemongrass oil distillation unit located in the district of Wayanad. Work was carried out to develop the distillation factory,  and a business model study was done to help developp it as a social entreprise.

“I have taken many classes at my university, but I really wanted to do something in the field. Water is something that everyone needs, especially clean drinking water. I am very happy that I was able to work as part of a team and deploy a water filter that will now give clean water to everyone in the village.”

- Hiroto Tahaku, Hosei University, Japan