Amrita Delegation Visits Partner Universities in Spain

An Amrita delegation visited our partner universities in Spain and some other universities in the region.

Therefore, the main aim of this project was for to study how to increase the community engagement in  the project. For that the students to engaged with the women to gain insights into their lives, their likes and dislikes and the problems that they face. An important part was also developping a step by step user manual of the technical unit that would be accessible to all people working in the factory, keeping in mind that most of them were illiterate.

This project is about the empowerment of a village through a broad business management of the lemongrass oil distillation unit located in the district of Wayanad. Work was carried out to develop the distillation factory,  and a business model study was done to help developp it as a social entreprise.

Amrita Live-in-Labs® Showcased in 4th World Summit on Accreditation (WOSA) 2018

Amrita Live-in-Labs® was showcased as an initiative to achieve learning outcomes effectively at the 4th World Summit on Accreditation (WOSA) 2018, organized by Government of India’s National Board of Accreditation (NBA) at New Delhi, from September 8- 9, 2018.

3+1+2 Integrated Master's Program - Ecole Centrale Nantes

Amrita Center for International Programs is proud to present an Integrated Master's Program at École Centrale de Nantes, or Centrale Nantes, a French engineering school - established in 1919.