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Establishment of pre-processing station for denoising NOAA satellite images using Legendre Fenchel transformation method

Authors : Santhosh, S., Kokila, M., Kavinandhini, M., Dr. Geetha Srikanth

Publisher :ICIIECS 2015 - 2015 IEEE International Conference on Innovations in Information, Embedded and Communication Systems

Hyperspectral satellite data (EO1-Hyperion) preprocessing: A case study of paddy field in Palakkad

Authors : Kavitha, P., Dr. Geetha Srikanth

Publisher :International Journal of Applied Engineering Research

Pre-processing of hyperspectral data (EO-1 Hyperion): A case study of Kozhikode in Kerala

Authors : Meera Mohan, K., Dr. Geetha Srikanth

Publisher :International Journal of Applied Engineering Research

Heart murmur detection and classification using wavelet transform and Hilbert phase envelope

Authors : Nivitha Varghees, V., Ramachandran, K.I.

Publisher :2015 21st National Conference on Communications, NCC 2015

Non-linear 3D Finite Element Analysis of the Femur Bone

Authors : Dr. Sivakumar V., U. N. Asish Ramesh

Publisher :International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology (IJRET)

Innovative use of What if analysis for visualization

Authors : Amitha P L, K P Soman, Tharakrishnan L, Geethu S Pillai, Geethu Joy

Publisher :International journal of soft computing and engineering(IJCE)

Ensuring security to the compressed sensing data using a steganographic approach

Authors : A.V.Sreedhanya, A.V.Sreedhanya, K.P.Soman, K.P.Soman

Publisher :Bonfring International Journal of Advances in Image Processing

A comparative study on classification of features by SVM and PSVM extracted using Morlet wavelet for fault diagnosis of spur bevel gear box

Authors : Saravanan, N, Kumar Siddabattuni, VNS, Dr. K. I. Ramachandran

Publisher :Expert systems with applications

Explotting GNU Radio and USRP: An Economical Test Bed for Real Time Communication Systems

Authors : Abirami M, Soman K.P, Gandhiraj R, Sruthi M.B, Hariharan V

Publisher :4th International conference on computing, communications and Networking Technologies (ICCC NT-2013),

Directional Total Variation Filtering Based Image Denoising Method

Authors : S.Karthik, M. Sabarimalai Manikandan, Sachin Kumar S, V.Balaji, K.P. Soman, Hemanth V K

Publisher :IJCSI

A Performance Study on Detection of Hypernasality in Children using MFCC, BFCC and various orders of GMM classifier

Authors : Nikitha George, K P Soman, Sachin Kumar S, Radhika G

Publisher :International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology & Security

Hardware Companions to the GNU Radio Companion: A comparative study of Software Radio Hardwares

Authors : Mithu Sugathan, K P Soman, Senthil murugan, Premanand V

Publisher :International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology Securit

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