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Products Developed

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Glucometer and Nonenzymatic Glucose Sensor

A nonenzymatic glucose sensor strip that overcomes the drawbacks associated with the enzymatic nature of the commercially available counterparts was developed by replacing the enzyme with metal oxide nanoparticles. In addition, a glucometer was also indigenously developed to test the glucose sensor. The product has successfully passed pre-compliance testing and is currently undergoing clinical trials.

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Insulin Pump

An injectable, low-cost drug delivery pump, which injects insulin into a diabetic patient’s bloodstream at dynamically adjusted intervals, was developed to control blood sugar effectively. The insulin pump is a Type 4 infusion pump capable of delivering both basal and bolus doses of fast-acting insulin and was developed completely adhering to the IEC primary standard IEC 60601-2-24.

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Lab on a Chip Device

Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) device for simultaneously monitoring glucose, cholesterol, bilirubin, uric acid, and creatinine from finger stick blood was developed. The device consists of a disposable sensing module comprising microfluidics and biosensors that is coupled with non-disposable indigenous electronic meter.

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Anaemia Detection Meter

A simple, handheld, battery-powered microhematocrit centrifuge that could directly convert the hematocrit into haemoglobin levels was developed to test anaemia in resource-limited settings. The innovation won the prestigious GYTI Award for its simplicity and easy-of-use.

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Paper analytical Device for Liver Function Test

A stamp-sized paper strip for the colorimetric quantification of import liver function biomarkers like bilirubin, AST, ALT, ALP, and protein was developed. A finger stick blood sample could be directly used for the testing.

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Flexible Supercapacitors

Flexible printed supercapacitors have been fabricated by screen printing interdigitated capacitor electrode arrays and membrane gel electrolytes. The performance was validated by powering electronic gadgets.

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X- Ray Digitizer

X-Ray Digitizer for converting X-ray images from traditional film-based format to digital format was developed for remote diagnosis and medical interventions.

Agriculture Spraying Machine

A precision spray cabinet was developed for accurate estimation and delivery of spray fluid under controlled environment by nullifying the variability due to wind, difference in the speed of the spray boom, effect of rainfall and pressure variations in the spray delivery and thereby provide a nearly accurate estimate of the concentration required for the desired result. Dose calibration made through the blanket spray in the external field conditions (without a spray cabinet) are not accepted by the scientific community and can be erroneous. Overestimation can lead to wastage of inputs and excess delivery of input chemicals can lead to environmental hazards, on the contrary, low dose can lead to wastage of inputs, resurgence of pests and wastage of time and energy.

Ongoing Projects

Paper-Based Analytical Devices

µPAD for Liver Function Test

The project aims to develop a stand-alone device for quantifying liver biomarkers employed in the liver function test. A paper strip performs the colourimetric quantification of the panel of liver function biomarkers and an image-processing device converts the color intensity to the corresponding biomarker concentration.

40 plus- A paper-based microfluidic chip for the monitoring of women health after 40

A paper-based microfluidic device for colourimetric detection of bone turnover markers (bone-specific alkaline phosphatase, osteocalcin, and type 1 C – telopeptides) and bone health indicators (calcium and vitamin D) will be developed.

Lab on a Chip

Cancer Detection:

Early detection of cancer biomarkers from blood samples is achieved by using immunosensors with nanomaterials for signal amplification. A lab-on-a-chip device, which integrates sensors, microfluidics, and electronics, will find extensive POCT applications.

Bacterial Detection

A lab-on-a-chip device that employs functionalized carbon dots immobilized disposable impedimetric sensors is being developed for the ultrasensitive detection and quantification of bacteria.

Automated Immunoassays

An automated and programmable immunoassay platform is being developed to translate the multiple steps involved in an immunoassay for point-of-care applications. The device consists of micromixers, micropump, and microvalve array and is automated using a microcontroller to meet different assay requirements.

Energy Storage Devices

Flexible Supercapacitors

Flexible printed supercapacitors have been developed with various metal oxides and biocompatible graphene composites. Excellent capacitance retention at various bending angles, superior energy density, and power density shows the potential for real-time applications.


Disposable nonenzymatic electrochemical biosensor strips for the quantification of metabolites like glucose, cholesterol, creatinine, bilirubin, ascorbic acid, uric acid, and chloride have been developed for point-of-care applications. Immunosensors have also been developed for quantifying several proteins including cancer antigens.

Wearable Biosensors

Wearable biosensors that can be used for non-invasive biomarker analysis using samples like sweat, interstitial fluid or saliva is being developed. The wearable patch will be able to quantify metabolites like lactae, and glucose and ions like sodium, potassium and chloride in sweat.


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