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About Amrita Biomedical Engineering

The state-of-the-art facility was established in 2007 as a centre of excellence under the “Mission Reach” program of TIFAC CORE to advance knowledge and expertise in biomedical science and engineering and to develop low-cost biomedical devices and products with an emphasis on point-of-care applications. Several devices such as a low-cost insulin pump, X-ray digitizer, skull implants, etc. have already been developed and many more are in the pipeline.

INR 1450
Lakhs Funding
US Patents granted, and 4 filed
Products on Clinical Tria
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Research Focus

The centre focuses on developing point-of-care testing and critical care devices. Several devices include a low-cost insulin pump, X-ray digitizer, skull implants, glucometer, and nonenzymatic sensor strips, a Lab-on-a-chip for monitoring diabetes, heart, and kidney function, and a µPAD for liver function test have already been developed. Many more devices are in the pipeline, such as lab-on-a-chip for bacterial detection, epidermal electronics, organ-on-a-chip devices, flexible supercapacitors, and an automated immunoassay platform. As a form of the people’s choice that used to purchase the purpose that we submitted during the years of service that was formed to get the people’s choice.

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