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Research at Amrita Center for Humanitarian Operations and Management

The key research areas are given below:

  1. Disaster Management Framework
  2. Comparison of Disaster Management Activites of NGOs, Government Organizations etc.
  3. Humanitarian Operations Management in Uttarkhand, 2013
  4. Humanitarian and Operations Management in Floods
  5. Humanitarian and Operations Management in Tsunami, 2004
  6. Early Warning Systems for Disaster Management
  7. Operations Management in Disaster Relief
    1. Skill Development
    2. Empowerment
    3. Infrastructure
    4. Amenities
    5. Medical Supplies
  8. De-Addiction Activity Management
  9. Poverty Alleviation Management
  10. Management of Activities for Farmer Suicide Reduction
  11. Healthcare Management Systems for Disaster Relief
  12. Overlay Wireless Communication Systems for Disaster Management
  13. Wearable Wireless Sensor Network for Remote Patient Monitoring
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