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Education must attempt to nurture the holistic development of human beings. This includes intellectual, emotional, physical, social, aesthetic, and spiritual development. One of the most important ingredients of all round human and societal development is spirituality. Hence, Amrita Darshanam, International Centre for Spiritual Studies, is the Centre of Excellence for study and research in the area of spiritual studies with its focus on Indian philosophy, arts, literature, culture, tradition, and society.

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Indian philosophy represents the most ancient traditions of human culture. It is an ample tapestry that reflects the protracted three-millennium long spiritual pursuit of Indians. The Sanskrit word for “philosophy” is “ānvīkṣikī” (inquiry by means of true cognition) and “darśana” (distinctive worldview).

The degree programs at the Centre are designed to give more focus on Indian philosophy, aimed at exploring how a rich and variegated samvāda tradition has shaped a profoundly spiritual culture in India — both in the public sphere and the academy. In addition in depth study on schools of western philosophy, comparing the ethical and moral philosophies of India and west are also prioritized. Much impetuous is also given on interdisciplinary studies to create awareness about different branches of knowledge connecting them to the systems of Philosophy.

The Centre also offers undergraduate courses to give students both breadth and depth of knowledge in a wide variety of topics of Indic traditions.

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The University has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with several prestigious organizations and universities.

  • MoU with Indira Gandhi National Centre For the Arts (IGNCA) ⇓⇓

    The University and IGNCA have mutually agreed to work and explore the avenues of educational exchanges.
    The Centre joins hands with IGNCA to support faculty research, collaborative research projects, student programs at IGNCA, access to IGNCA library and archival resources, appointment of IGNCA faculty staff as members of Advisory Committee or Joint Supervisor/ Co-guide for Ph.D. scholars at Amrita, mentorship of students’ projects by IGNCA faculty staff, collaboration in conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and festivals, development of digital resources and offering credit/non-credit courses to students in the fields of textual research, Vedic studies,

    Translation Studies, manuscriptology, Oral Traditions, folklore, traditional knowledge system, performing arts, storytelling traditions, cultural informatics, conservation and other area studies with the appropriate departments at Amrita. The objective of MoU signed between Dr. P. Venkat Rangan, Vice-Chancellor, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and Dr. Sachchidanand Joshi, Member Secretary, IGNCA, is to contribute to the promotion of Indian cultural heritage, cultural informatics and other allied areas among the youth.

  • MoU with Columbia University ⇓⇓

    As part of the MoU signed by the University with Teachers College, Columbia University, the Centre has an active collaboration with Teachers College. Post-graduate students of Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Teachers College assisted by faculty annually visit Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and Mata Amritanandamayi Math for spiritual retreats.

  • MoU with National Mission for Manuscripts (NAMAMI) ⇓⇓

    The Centre collaborates with NAMAMI, Government of India on the projects on surveying, listing, cataloguing, and conducting awareness campaigns for NAMAMI, with the aim of preserving the vast manuscript heritage of India and disseminating knowledge contained therein for educational and research purposes.

    Amrita Yoga

    • Amrita Yoga classes are regularly offered at the hostels of girls and boys as an optional practice every morning. 
    • Built into the curriculum, all our under graduate first year students learn a yogic approach to life through a one credit course. There are also optional electives for post graduate students of the institution.

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