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Smart Energy


Amrita WNA has initiated the Amrita Wireless Smart energy research project envisioning a country with reliable and efficient energy system with electricity access for everyone. The project aims to address the short comings of current energy system and began our research initiatives in trying to design a Wireless network based architecture consisting of multiple smart wireless transformer sensor node, smart controlling station, smart transmission line sensor node, and smart wireless consumer sensor node. Efforts are also on to develop a software module incorporating different data aggregation algorithms needed for the different pathways of the electricity distribution system. Through this design we are attempting to develop cost-effective solutions to address the mentioned issues.

Initial Research Experiments


Our Research initiatives at Amrita began by attempting a few experiments by setting up a small Single Phase Micro-grid Distribution system especially suited for Indian scenario to study the following:




Real-time monitoring and control of smart distribution systems and availability of Low-cost sensor technology and the associated communication infrastructure for implementing the same
Fault Detection Systems and Network reconfiguration methodologies to facilitate distribution automation system to reduce down-time and thereby improve the operation of the distribution system.
As a result of Stabiliz-E , we could move from a traditional, centralized, static energy grid towards a decentralized and dynamic grid, which gives more freedom to producers, distributes and consumers in energy sector
Smart meters and smart feeders operated remotely via 2 way wireless communication
Smart meter in the Smart building receives electricity price from utilities and uses a smart controller to schedule the household appliances accordingly which helps to make smart grid energy sustainable .
Amritasphuranam and Micro Hydro Power generation helps for electrification of rural India through solar energy and hydro power.


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