"Ubiquitous Multi-Context Modeling (UMM) for Crowd Disaster Mitigation"


The proposed context aware framework UMM introduces a new module "Context Categorizer" in the existing frameworks to bring in non-redundancy and sharing of information to span multiple applications such as health-care, surveillance, agriculture sector etc. The single context information acquired is utilized for multiple applications. The objective of Master thesis is to bring in wireless sensor network for effective crowd monitoring which is a key requirement now-a-days due to alarming increase in death rates due to crowd disasters. The master thesis work deals with the implementation of UMM model for Crowd disaster mitigation by utilizing the potentials of sensing capabilities of Smart phones. The crowd disaster mitigation system makes use of embedded accelerometer, gyroscope, camera, microphone etc. of smart phone to predict the occurrence of stampede in a crowd based on distributed consensus by the participant nodes.

Team Members

Leader Of the Team Faculty Student


Maneesha V. Ramesh


Rekha P.


Anjitha S.