Wireless communication systems play an increasingly integral role in society. Currently underground sensor networks are used in many applications for security purposes, environmental applications, infrastructure maintenance etc. The major problem, associated with sensor networks, is in providing the power supply to enable the networks to work for long durations. This paper presents a novel technique to wirelessly, supply power to the underground sensor networks using the magnetic induction principle. In addition, using the resonating principle further ensures maximum efficiency of this proposed system. Experimental results to prove the feasibility of this novel technique for supplying wireless power are presented.

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K. A. Unnikrishna Menon

Balaji Hariharan

Vikas V.

RESEARCH AREAS Landslide Monitoring Healthcare Applications Water Quality Monitoring Remote Triggered Lab Underground Sensor Network Wireless Smart Grid Wireless surveillance Power Optimization Issues Heterogenous Wireless Networks and Network mobility Real-time video steaming and QoS Crowd Disaster Monitoring and Mitigation Wireless Robotics Participatory Sensing Mobile Adhoc Network Avoiding Water Vessel Collisions Wireless Power Transfer to Underground Sensors Multi-UAV Sensor Network Parametric Analysis Solar Thermal Energy System Solar Thermal Cooking System