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Mobile AdHoc Network – AmritaWNA Research Area


“Secure Routing”

Mobile ad hoc networks are typically characterized by high mobility and frequent link failures that result in low throughput and high end-to-end delay. Present approaches to multipath routing make use of pre-computed routes determined during route discovery. All the paths are maintained by means of periodic update packets unicast along each path. In existing method best path is determined and maintained only with signal strength of disjoint paths. Signal strength between nodes is only the mobility prediction factor, which does not address the durability and stability of paths. Residual energy of nodes determines stability of path contains that nodes . Also does not consider the consistency of node through the previous behaves. This project aims to design a mathematical model for measuring a Decision Value metric [DVM] for mobility prediction of each alternate paths in terms of non comparable parameters such as Signal Strength , Residual Energy and Consistency factor. Also aims to Secure data transmission in every available alternate paths by avoiding misbahaving nodes.

Proposed System Design Challenges
• Increase Packet Delivery ratio
• Decrease average end to end transmission delay
• Obtain durability , stability of path
• Adaptive to different QoS requirement
• Analytical study is required to combine three distinct
parameters such as Signal Strength, Energy and consistency.
• Ensure security from internal attacks

Scalable and Secure Multi hop communication in MANET


Participatory Sensing platform to revive communication network in post-disaster scenario

Team Members

Mobile AdHoc Network – AmritaWNA Research Area
Maneesha V. Ramesh

Leader of the Team

Mobile AdHoc Network – AmritaWNA Research Area
P. Prabhakaran


Mobile AdHoc Network – AmritaWNA Research Area
Rekha P.


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