Educational, business use videos to convey information to the audience. The live streaming videos and their recorded output have significant importance these days. Unlike the wired medium, the wired medium is very prone to errors. The delay jitter, packet loss, low bandwidth are commonly found in wireless networks. Therefore there should be some QoS Assurance in delivering real-time video over wireless networks. In this paper, we are presenting a Bandwidth Adaptive Reduction in Quality (BARQ) algorithm to ensure availability in real-time systems and to make the high quality video available after the live streaming. The system uses the algorithm effectively to adapt the quality dynamically according to the varying bandwidth and retrieve the original quality video right after the transmission. The retrieval of the frames is based on the content importance. This project uses the edge detection features to detect the content. This system is simulated using Adobe flash builder 4.5 in flex programming language using Adobe Flash media server to stream the video real-time.


Fig: Solution architecture of the proposed system

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Sangeeth Kumar